Mileide Mihaile takes Yhudy away from Safadão’s wife during The Farm

Mileide Mihaile has hatched a plan to prevent her son, Yhudy Lima, from being close to her stepmother, Thyane Dantas, during the time she is confined to A Fazenda 13: she has assigned her own mother, Dona Doralice, to take care of the 7-year-old boy. years old.

Sources in the column said that Mileide does not want her child in the care of the current wife of Wesley Safadão, with whom she has had several problems in the past. Although the digital influencer, the singer and his current wife say publicly that they live in harmony, reality has a very different scenario.

Sought, Mileide’s team said it will not comment on any of the issues.

In testimony to the column, Safadão’s mother, Dona Bil, said that the family still does not know if Mileide will or will not go to the Record program and that they all maintain a good relationship.

“We are not aware of anything so far. Or rather, we haven’t been informed yet. I don’t even know if she’s going to the Farm”, he explained. The singer’s staff also reported that they are unaware of the subject of the reality show.

Mileide is among the participants that Record selected for A Fazenda 13. In addition to her, the cast includes: Dynho Alves, Gui Araújo, Rico Melquiades, Tiago Piquilo, Mussunzinho, Victor Pecoraro, Arcrebiano de Araújo, Nego do Borel, Aline Mineiro, Marina Ferrari, Solange Gomes, Dayane Mello, Liziane Tierrez, Tati Quebra Barraco, Fernanda Medrado, Valentina Francavilla, Erasmo Viana and Erika Schneider.