Military Police Colonel removed for indiscipline after attacking STF and Congress is transferred to São Paulo | Sorocaba and Jundiaí

According to the Regulation of Movement for Army Officers and Places, attaché is the special and transitory situation of the soldier who, while awaiting the solution of an application or process, is transferred to a Military Organization (OM) or remains there without , in the same, vacancy of his hierarchical degree or qualification.

In this condition, the military continues to receive a salary, but is removed from its duties.

The decision was published in the Official Gazette of the State this Wednesday (25). The colonel was in charge of the Interior Policing Command (CPI) 7, in Sorocaba, which encompasses 78 municipalities in the region. The removal was informed by João Doria (PSDB), governor of São Paulo, on Monday (23).

According to a report in the newspaper “O Estado de S. Paulo”, Aleksander summoned militants and attacked the Federal Supreme Court (STF) in the publications.

Doria removes commander of the PM that encouraged a pro-Bolsonaro act and attacked the STF

Doria removes commander of the PM that encouraged a pro-Bolsonaro act and attacked the STF

The publication in the Official Gazette also informs the transfer of Colonel Edson Luis da Silva Simeira to the command of CPI 7. Previously, he was in the Metropolitan Area Policing Command (CPA-M) 11.

The father of the new commander in Sorocaba, Colonel Edison Vander Acuio Simeira also commanded the CPI-7 in the 1990s. Colonel Marcos de Paula Barreto, who left the CPC, assumes command of the CPA/M 11.

corporation prohibits acts

The regulations of the Military Police corporation prohibit police officers from participating in or promoting partisan political acts.

“The active state military personnel are prohibited from collective demonstrations on acts of superiors, of a demanding character and of a political-partisan nature, subjecting individual manifestations to the precepts of this Regulation”, says an excerpt of the regulation.

São Paulo Military Police Colonel Aleksander Lacerda was removed from the CPI-7, in Sorocaba (SP), after encouraging a pro-Bolsonaro act and attacking the STF — Photo: Reproduction/TV TEM

The CPI-7 comprises seven battalions of the São Paulo Military Police, representing around 5,000 police officers in 78 municipalities in the Sorocaba region. It is formed by the following Battalions of the Interior Military Police: 7th BPM/I (Sorocaba), 12th BPM/I (Botucatu), 22nd BPM/I (Itapetininga), 40th BPM/I (Votorantim), 50th BPM/I (Itu ), 53rd BPM/I (Avaré) and 54th BPM/I (Itapeva).

On September 15 of last year, Governor João Doria and Colonel Aleksander met in Sorocaba during the inauguration of the 14th Police Special Action Battalion (Baep).

In a video posted by the governor on social networks, Doria praises the battalion commanded by the police during the visit and delivery of armored vehicles and weapons to the corporation.

“This team, this battalion that you command is well trained, well prepared, not only physically, intellectually, and also with strategies to prevent crime and fight crime. But it is also necessary to have weapons and equipment,” said the governor.

Governor Doria and Colonel Aleksander met in Sorocaba, last year, at the inauguration ceremony of Baep in the city — Photo: Reproduction/Facebook/João Doria

Also according to the report in “Estado de S. Paulo”, Aleksander also criticized the president of the Senate, Rodrigo Pacheco, for not proceeding with the impeachment request made by the president against minister Alexandre de Moraes.

The governor of São Paulo and the former president of the Chamber Rodrigo Maia, who is now the state secretary for Projects and Strategic Actions, were also attacked by Aleksander.

Governor João Doria (PSDB) removes the commander of the CPI-7, in Sorocaba (SP), Colonel Aleksander Lacerda — Photo: Reproduction/TV TEM

“Here in the state of São Paulo we will not have demonstrations by active military police officers. São Paulo has the best Military Police in the country, the best trained, the best equipped. São Paulo is proud of the Military Police and its police officers and his collaborators. And also his command of the Military Police in the figure of Colonel Alencar,” said Doria at the Butatan Institute, during the release of a new batch of CoronaVac to the Ministry of Health.

“And we here, together, will not admit any posture of indiscipline as was done by Colonel Aleksander, and he is now removed from the Military Police as of this morning.”

On Valdo Cruz’s blog, Doria said that “indiscipline will not be admitted to the PM that respects its rules and functions” (see more in the video below).

The government of São Paulo only authorized the performance of acts favorable to the federal government on Avenida Paulista on September 7th. According to the Secretariat of Public Security (SSP), the measure follows what was established by the Public Ministry in 2020 after an agreement between the opposition groups, and provides for a rotation of demonstrations for and against President Jair Bolsonaro (no party).

Valdo Cruz: participation of police officers in demonstrations could turn the country into a 'powder keg'

Valdo Cruz: participation of police officers in demonstrations could turn the country into a ‘powder keg’

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