Ministry of Health announces start of 3rd dose of vaccine for September 15

The Minister of Health, Marcelo Queiroga, announced the application of the third dose of the vaccine against covid-19 as of September 15 in elderly people over 70 years of age and immunosuppressed. On Monday, the 23rd, the executive secretary of the Ministry, Rodrigo Cruz, anticipated, in an interview with Papo do Editor, from the Political Broadcasting, Grupo Estado’s real-time news system, that the application of the booster dose would begin in the middle of the period. of September.

Also starting September 15, the ministry will reduce the interval for applying the second dose of immunizers from Pfizer and Astrazeneca from the current 12 weeks to eight weeks.

The decision was taken at a meeting of the ministry on Tuesday night, 24, and announced by the minister shortly after the meeting in conversation with journalists. According to the minister, on September 10, the ministry will finalize the distribution of immunization agents for the application of the first dose to the entire Brazilian population over 18 years of age, which makes room for the anticipation and the announced booster vaccine.

From September 15th, booster doses for immunosuppressed people – people with cancer or transplants, for example – who have taken the second dose for at least 28 days and for seniors over 70 years old who have been taken the second at least six months ago.

The application in the elderly will follow chronological order, from the oldest to the youngest. Saúde is awaiting the conclusion of a study to decide how the third dose will be applied to health professionals and people under 70 years of age.

The Ministry of Health will also study the possibility of cross-immunization between Astrazeneca and Pfizer vaccines, but this will only be done in case of need.

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In an interview with Broadcast Politico, the executive secretary said that there are enough doses to immunize all the elderly and health professionals with the third dose by the end of the year, a population that totals 12 million people.

Cruz said that the entire Brazilian population could be revaccinated in 2022 if studies conclude that this will be necessary. By the end of the year, Brazil will receive 600 million doses, which may even be kept frozen for use in an eventual booster campaign next year.

There are still 180 million doses of Astrazeneca produced in Brazil already contracted for 2022, which would be enough for a booster dose for the entire vaccinated population next year.

“The message we pass on to the population is one of peace of mind, that there will be no shortage of budget, whether for an early acquisition or for the 2022 budget. But there will be no shortage of immunization agents so that we can immunize the Brazilian population according to what is scientifically determined,” he stated.