mobile exchange can also block application

“I was robbed, I bought a new cell phone and now my Caixa Tem is blocked. What to do?”. This was one of thousands of questions a user asked on Caixa Econômica Federal’s social networks. Her case, however, is not unique. The fact is, anyone can go through this at any time.

According to information from Caixa Econômica Federal itself, in this situation it is likely that the app will go through a block. They claim that this is for security reasons. And it is worth remembering that this is a procedure that occurs not only in robberies. Even a simple change of cell phone can end up blocking the application.

What to do in this situation? According to Caixa, in case the app is blocked, it is necessary to go to a bank branch. There, it is important to present a photo identification document. In addition, it is also necessary to take the cell phone number from the Emergency Assistance registration. In the event of a robbery, it would therefore be the new device.

It is also possible to do this at lottery outlets throughout Brazil. Also according to Caixa, there are over 13 thousand establishments that accept this process. In these places you can also do the initial activation for those who have not yet used the app in question. Soon after, you can receive the money in the same place.

Cases like this are more common than you think. It is not just the change of cell phone that can end up blocking the application. In some cases, simply constantly changing your password can end up having the same result. So it’s important to be careful to prevent strange moves from happening on your cell phone.


It is worth remembering that the locks on the Caixa Tem app are not necessarily the locks on the Emergency Assistance accounts. Care must be taken not to confuse the two acts. According to official information, it is easy to differentiate one from the other.

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The in-app lock is nothing more than a device-only lock. In this situation, the user account remains active normally. So, in theory, he can continue to use the money through Internet Banking. Withdrawals can also be an option.

Blocks on Emergency Aid accounts, on the other hand, happen after analysis by Dataprev. It is therefore the body that will decide who can and who cannot receive the money from the program. This type of cancellation does not lock the Caixa Tem application.

Cash Movement Tem

Remember that the use of this bank application is essential for users of Emergency Assistance. There is special attention here for those who receive the benefit as informal people. They are therefore those who signed up for the program through the app or those who are in Cadúnico but are not in Bolsa Família.

It’s just that these people need the application to move their Emergency Aid money. According to information from Caixa Econômica Federal itself, these users need this device to carry out the movements of the amount in question.

In addition to the blocking in the Caixa Tem app, beneficiaries of the program are also complaining a lot this week about some other problems in the application. Some individuals claim that the app is not opening and that it is continuously crashing almost every day. The bank has not yet commented on the matter. At least not until this story is published.

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