Mobile RPG arrives today (25); know how to play

Coming to AppStore and Google Play this Wednesday (25th), Marvel’s new foray into the mobile games market, the open world RPG Marvel Future Revolution. The game is a kind of “successor” to Marvel Future Fight, which already has more than 120 million users.

In the plot, different Lands of the multiverse are merging, in an event known as “Convergence”. Heroes need to unite to prevent the worst from happening. But it also involves visiting “alternative” areas, such as an America dominated by the Hydra dictatorship; the planet Sakaar, where Hulk rose from gladiator to emperor; or a revamped New York known as New Stark City.

Marvel Future Revolution - Press Release/Netmarble - Press Release/Netmarble

Planet Sakaar is one of the alternative realities

Image: Disclosure/Netmarble

The game has multiple game modes, including single missions, temporary missions, or battles with other players (1 vs 1, 10 vs 10 and even a battle royale type for 50 players).

Initially, only 8 characters are playable, but more options should be released soon. As there are alternative versions coming from different universes, there will be a high customization capacity – Netmarble, creator of the game, estimates in almost 400 million possible combinations.

START has prepared a dossier with everything you need to understand to take your first steps. Check it out here.