More than 30 months after the tragedy at Vale, firefighters find a body in Brumadinho | Minas Gerais

Another body was found this Tuesday afternoon (24), in Brumadinho, in the Metropolitan Region of Belo Horizonte, after 942 days of searches at the site, where the Córrego do Feijão dam broke, in 2019. In all, 270 people died. Ten are still missing.

The information was released by the Fire Department.

The victim was located in the Remanso 1 region, on the right side, near the community of Córrego do Feijão. The body is apparently that of a man, with no apparent age confirmation, firefighters said.

On January 14, firefighters located a femur. Since then, the search team had not located another fragment or body of a victim.

“Due to the state of body integrity, there is a strong possibility that it will be a new identification, which evidently can only be completed after the work of the Civil Police forensics,” said firefighters in a statement.

The Fire Department also explained that due to the location and evidence that were found in the area, it is believed that concrete structures that were carried by the tailings flow and that were nearby may have ensured greater integrity and preservation of the body.

Firefighters also said that the body has already been handed over to the Civil Police, “as well as the families’ committee has already been duly notified.”

“The firefighters’ teams will remain in operation throughout the night, in search of other signs that could further improve the effectiveness of the predictive and data crossing model used in Brumadinho, which was again decisive in today’s location.”

in conversation with G1, Natália de Oliveira, representative of the Committee of the Not Found, said that some relatives of the missing victims went to the place where the body was found on Tuesday.

“We came here, as soon as the firefighters warned us. Every call from the military, our hearts are exploding, it’s been a lot of expectations since January 2019! We still don’t know who was found, but the thrill of knowing that some family will have their loved one identified,” Oliveira said.

Brumadinho's Tragedy turns 2 years old: see 5 points to understand impacts in the region

Brumadinho’s Tragedy turns 2 years old: see 5 points to understand impacts in the region

Firefighters resume searches for victims of Vale in Brumadinho this Wednesday (12). — Photo: Fire Department of Minas Gerais

Searches continue on the land where the dam broke, in Brumadinho — Photo: Danilo Girundi/ TV Globo

Largest search operation in Brazil, in Brumadinho — Photo: Reproduction/TV Globo

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