Myrian Rios spreads message after four-hour head surgery

Actress is already at home recovering from the operation that removed her hearing aids

Actress Myrian Rios, 62, shared an intimacy with her followers on social media. Rios underwent head surgery to remove ear prostheses.

Actress is already at home recovering –  Photo: Social Networks/Reproduction/NDActress is already recovering at home – Photo: Social Networks/Reproduction/ND

“Thank you so much for the prayers, affectionate messages, thank you so much for the support, affection and respect. I’m already here, back, the surgery was excellent, a success… We took it, I didn’t, the medical team took almost four hours of surgery. I just had my first snack and water, thank God”, he said in a post last Thursday (19).

She also made a point of thanking the entire medical team involved in the procedure. According to information from the UOL portal, Myrian has already been discharged from the hospital, and explained a little of the condition he is experiencing.

“I have some prostheses in my head, earphones, which helped me to listen. And since they’re not working anymore, they’re broken, I’m going to remove both, the right and the left. I’m going to need a week or so of rest because it’s sore and all. ‘I’m’ very happy that I’m finally going to withdraw”.