Nadja breaks the reality of the reality and discloses the name of the first finalist

Island Record
Nadja Pessoa hinted that Any Borges went far in Ilha Record (Images: Divulgation – Record / Editing – RD1)

For those who don’t know, the participants of the Island Record they are already in charge of their own social networks, because everything relating to the reality of socializing has already been recorded. Nadja person, who is one of the most controversial of the cast, accidentally leaked the name of one of the finalists.

Learn all about Ilha Record in the coverage of RD1

Recapitulating the dynamics of the program, the format is original to the broadcaster and those “eliminated” don’t leave the program, they just leave the village and go to Exile, watching everything and influencing the game. These people will compete for the amount of R$ 250,000, given by the public, through a vote.

In the competition for tests and voting, the finalists will have the chance to win the main prize of R$ 500 thousand. Despite Record’s reality show contract demanding confidentiality about the events of the competition, Nadja ended up letting it leak, as she liked a very suspicious tweet.

We already have the answer as to why Any’s plant made it to the final of Ilha even being a dead fly in the game, and also why they always help the losers from Exile in the dynamics. Anye [Lucas] Selfies are managed by Sabrina’s company”, wrote an internet user, pointing out a possible favoritism for Ilha Record, in a message liked by the ex-Fazenda on Twitter.

The like was even undone, but not in time to make prints circulate on social media. One of the people who announced the news, detonated Nadja Pessoa: “So you mean she confirmed that Any is in the final? Is envy bigger than the secrecy contract?”.

Another tweeter questioned D’Black’s ex-wife theory: “What nonsense people [risos]?! If the roll is to be managed by her, because Lucas [Selfie] out in the second week?”. There were those who suggested a punishment for the famous: “Nadja had to pay a fine to Record since he signed a confidentiality agreement and did not comply”.

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