Nearly 6,000 indigenous people protest against the ‘time frame’; see images

Survival. This is the focus of the Terra Livre Camp, set up until Saturday (28), in Brasília.

Almost 6,000 indigenous people participate in the camp, and other delegations are still on their way. The program has several actions every day, such as plenary sessions and discussions about territory, sustainable production, rights and other subjects.

The event is held in the week in which the Supreme Court must resume the judgment of the time frame for the demarcation of indigenous lands. The session is scheduled for this Wednesday (25).

The thesis is that demarcation should only be carried out if the people claiming the land occupied it on October 5, 1988, when the Federal Constitution was promulgated.

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The action is a request for repossession by the government of Santa Catarina against the Xokleng people. The decision is of general repercussion and will affect all court decisions and administrative and legislative actions in the country.

The political advisor of the Articulação dos Povos Indígenas do Brasil (Apib), Marcos Sabaru, criticizes the scope of the trial. For him, it is unconstitutional to condition such different situations among indigenous peoples throughout Brazil to a specific situation that occurs in a state.

Another issue with indigenous attention is the 2007 Bill 490, which, in addition to setting a time frame, passes to Congress the power to decide on the demarcation of indigenous lands.

The text passed by the Constitution and Justice Committee of the Chamber of Deputies and needs to be voted on in plenary.