Nego do Borel insists on a lawsuit against Duda Reis: “We’ll try to reverse it”

The lawsuit that Nego do Borel filed against Duda Reis for libel, insult and defamation was invalidated after the singer missed the deadline to file the lawsuit. To the column Leo Dias, Elizabeth Medeiros and Rayra Vianna, the singer’s lawyers, revealed that they will appeal the decision.

“Actually there is a disagreement regarding the posting date of some Stories on Instagram which Maria Eduarda accused Leno of crimes, in addition to denigrating his honor and image. We filed a complaint about these Stories that were posted by her on January 13th, so Leno couldn’t have been aware of these accusations on January 12th. There were, in fact, other Stories posted by Maria Eduarda on January 12th, but this was not even the object of the procedure as we did not see typical behavior. And this divergence changes the deadline date. But the decision can still be appealed and we will try to reverse it”, said the defense of Nego do Borel.


For her part, Duda’s lawyer celebrated the court’s decision. “We were happy with the acceptance of the thesis that rejected the accusations made by Leno against my client, Duda Reis. The rejection of accusations made by the aggressor against the woman who chooses to speak publicly about the violence she has experienced is a real victory”, she told the column.

According to the sentence signed by judge Gisele Guida de Faria, Nego had an exact period of six months, since he became aware of the crime, to file the criminal complaint.

The document states that the final date was July 12th, but the artist would only have taken the necessary actions on the following day, July 13th. As a result, the process was invalidated.