Nego do Borel misses deadline and case against Duda Reis is invalidated

Nego do Borel’s lawsuit against Duda Reis accused the actress of slander, insult and defamation. However, the singer missed the deadline to actually file.

According to the sentence signed by judge Gisele Guida de Faria, Nego had an exact period of six months, since he became aware of the crime, to file the criminal complaint.


The document states that the final date was July 12th, but the artist would only have taken the necessary actions on the following day, July 13th. As a result, the process was invalidated.

remember the case

The former couple started dating in February 2019 and remain together despite the criticism that the singer suffered. However, in December of that year, they broke up for the first time.

When they resumed in April 2020, they had no support from Duda Reis’ parents, who created great controversy with their speeches on social networks. At that time, they even accused the singer of assaulting the actress, which caused more instability and doubt about the audience, after Reis denied the accusations.

After the engagement request in June of last year and another end in December, rumors of physical and verbal aggression continued on the agenda on the networks.

As early as January 2021, Duda’s audios were leaked on the web, where she denounced the singer for aggressions, threats with intimate videos, and also that the singer had illicit money at home in addition to a rifle.

However, the report released on August 13 by the Civil Police of São Paulo concluded that none of the above accusations were found by the expertise. On the same day, Nego used Instagram to comment on the case. “The truth is coming,” he said.