new electric scooter costs the same as an Iphone 8

THE Honda revealed, in China, the U-BE, a new super-cheap electric scooter. The bike is more like an electric bike, which is precisely its classification there. Not by chance, it has pedals. But what stands out is the price. The model costs US$465, equivalent to R$2,508 in direct conversion and without fees. So the scooter costs the same as a Iphone 8, currently with an average price of R$ 2,500 in Brazil.

However, it is noteworthy that this is a strictly urban vehicle, to be used on bicycle paths. O Honda U-BE has maximum speed of 25 km/h, the same established as the limit for bicycles on the streets of the Asian country. Its engine is located in the rear wheel and has a full power of 350W, the equivalent of modicums 0.47 hp.


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Honda’s proposal is to offer an economical, ecologically correct vehicle for use in large urban centers. In addition to the U-BE, at the beginning of August, the Japanese brand also launched another scooter, the U-GO. A more expensive and powerful version of the line, which costs US$1,150, or about R$6,064 in conversion for the day.


Honda U-BE will hit the Chinese market with three battery options: 15 Ah, 20 Ah and 24 Ah. In other words, it will have autonomy for 55 km, 70 km and 80 km, respectively. But, a curious detail is that the autonomy can increase if the pilot uses the pedals included in the model. Just pedal a little to go further.

Honda U-BE Panel

According to Honda’s Chinese website, the scooter uses a lithium ion battery, which runs longer on a single charge. For comparison, the U-GO has a 1.2 kW mid-engine and can reach a top speed of 53 km/h. In its most basic version, it reaches 43 km/h. However, both offer a range of 65 km.

Brazilian market

Honda has not yet informed whether the U-GO and U-BE scooters will come to Brazil. If taxes do not increase the values, the price of the cheapest scooter would be in the range of R$ 4 thousand.


According to the State Department of Traffic (Detran-SP), a scooter with the U-BE is not considered a moped. Thus, it does not require a license to ride and can ride on bike paths.

Another cheap scooter on the radar

Recently, Honda registered the Vision 110 scooter with the National Institute of Industrial Property (INPI). However, even though it is not a guarantee of launch in the country, it is a necessary step if the brand decides to sell it.

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