New LG NanoCell TV Line Delivers 1 Billion Pure Colors in Slim Design

LG recently brought to Brazil its new 2021 line of NanoCell TVs. Comprised of the NANO95, NANO85, NANO80 and NANO75 series, the line enhances the quality of colors delivered by nanoparticle technology, while bringing significantly thinner body in this generation, featuring a minimalist design that matches your home’s aesthetic.

NanoCell: Nanoparticles that deliver pure colors

NanoCell TVs differ from other models of LCD TVs by adopting nanoparticles on the panel, 1 nanometer crystals invisible to the naked eye, which filter the excess light generated by the TV and allow the display to present more vivid and intense colors, and that contrast is enhanced, making dark regions even darker.

Another big benefit is the viewing angle, helping even those who are not watching content in front of the TV to see images with clarity and quality. The intense colors and contrast of nanoparticles also benefit gamer users, accompanied by technologies such as AMD FreeSync™ Premium and Game Optimizer, which enable image adjustments during gameplay.

In the 2021 generation, in addition to being thinner, NanoCell TVs have smaller edges and have double feet for greater stability in all series. Other than that, the 55″ and 65″ TVs of the NANO85, NANO80 and NANO75 series can take advantage of premium Gallery Stand support, sold separately, to be even more sophisticated installed, providing the experience of an art gallery.

NANO95 has real 8K power and resolution

The most premium series of the NanoCell line, the NANO95 brings true 8K resolution, with Ultra HD 8K certification. Due to the high amount of pixels, more than 33 million, having 8K resolution is more than just displaying this number on the panel — it is necessary to meet a percentage of contrast modulation (CM) which, in a very short way, shows how well defined one pixel is displayed.

Ultra HD 8K certification requires the reviewed TV to have at least 50% CM. NANO95 TVs go the extra mile by achieving 97.8% CM, exceeding international standards and delivering even more clarity. You can see in the image below the difference delivered by each CM percentage and how this value affects the resolution experience.

(Image: Playback/LG)

The models in the line also feature Full Array Dimming technology — LCD TVs need a light back panel to display images, and many of them use LED lamps only on the sides of the panel. NanoCell TVs are illuminated by dozens of LEDs right behind the display, acting on multiple zones that turn on and off according to what is displayed, delivering deeper blacks.

At the heart of the NANO95 series, managing resources, is the α9 Gen4 IA 8K processor, which uses Artificial Intelligence to optimize picture and sound quality with features including AI Picture Pro and AI Sound Pro, employing machine learning to improve the results over time.

LG NANO95 (Image: Disclosure/LG)

In addition, there’s AI 8K Upscaling, which uses algorithms to bring content at lower resolutions to 8K, and the LG ThinQ AI suite of functions, which integrates your favorite voice assistants like Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, the new WebOS system 6.0 with reworked interface and new Smart Magic control, “the TV mouse”, offering voice commands, fast smartphone connection and more.

To complete the cinematic experience, there are features such as FilmMaker mode, which removes filters and smoothing to bring movies closer to the director’s vision, HDR Dolby Vision IQ, which intensifies brightness and color when analyzing each scene, LG HDR 10 Pro, which performs adjustments to the HDR signal to bring out colors and details, 2.2-channel sound system, Dolby Atmos, which provides three-dimensional surround sound, Game Optimizer and Bluetooth Surround Ready, which allows you to establish a surround audio scene with Bluetooth speakers.

NANO85 brings 4K resolution at 120 Hz with pure colors

Keeping the benefits of NanoCell in 4K resolution, the NANO85 series has strong appeal with gamer audiences for the list of features it presents. Featuring 120 Hz refresh rate and two HDMI 2.1 inputs, the models are ideal for next generation consoles by supporting content playback at maximum resolution and refresh rate.

There are also other gaming-oriented technologies, including AMD FreeSync™ Premium, which synchronizes the frame rate with the TV screen and thus significantly reduces rips and jitter, ALLM, which automatically activates the best TV settings to reduce command delays , Game Optimizer menu and eARC, for lossless, high quality audio playback through the HDMI connection.

LG NANO85 (Image: Disclosure/LG)

The NANO85 series is equipped with the α7 Gen4 AI 4K processor, which utilizes Artificial Intelligence and machine learning to deliver AI Picture and AI Sound features, which constantly improve image and audio. Other than that, there’s also the LG ThinQ suite around here, combining Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa with WebOS 6.0 and the new Smart Magic controller to deliver a more complete and fluid browsing experience.

The cinema experience is also maintained, with FilmMaker mode, Dolby Vision IQ and HDR 10 Pro, 2.0 channel sound system and Dolby Atmos, as well as Bluetooth Surround Ready.

NANO80 and NANO 75 are more accessible cinema experience

Series focused on providing image quality, the NANO80 and NANO75 come equipped with the α5 Gen4 processor, which enables the ThinQ integrated experience with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa along with WebOS 6.0 and the new Smart Magic control, and applies Artificial Intelligence filters to turbo images in 4K, control brightness and HDR and improve audio quality with AI Sound.

LG NANO80 (Image: Disclosure/LG)

Both also share features such as FilmMaker mode, GameOptimizer menu for game adjustments, active HDR in multiple formats such as HDR10 and HLG, 2.0 channel sound system and Bluetooth Surround Ready technology.

LG NANO75 (Image: Disclosure/LG)

There are even some unique features for each of the series — NANO80 models feature traditional Local Dimming, darkening specific regions to increase image contrast.

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