New PS5 model is already on the market

In July, there were rumors that the new model of the PlayStation 5 console would be around 300g lighter than the first version, in addition to the replacement of screws on the bracket that comes with the console, which from the new model would be screws with the possibility of be tightened more easily without the need for a key.

Without any announcement or warning, the new model of the console is already being marketed in stores in Australia, and comes with the same features that were disclosed with the rumor, except that the console would be the digital version. In this case, the new model that hits stores is the version with a disc player.

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The console serial number has also changed, being the first console numbered CFI-1XXX and the new model numbered CFI-11XX. You can find out more about the rumor released in July here.

With a lighter weight, it’s possible that the console’s internal components have also changed, something Sony’s CFO suggested months ago because of the chip shortage. To learn more, check out more information about the chip shortage affecting the PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC GPUs and could continue until 2023.

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