New Raquel from Genesis, Giselle Tigre reports harassment at the beginning of her career: “Outside”

This week another passage of time in Genesis took place. One of the protagonists of the Jacó phase, Raquel left the body of Thaís Melchior and started to be played by Giselle Tigre in the character’s most adult age. The actress returns to biblical soap operas after a three-year hiatus, since she made a cameo in Jesus (2018), also on Record. Giselle had to study a lot to play Raquel, as she is a well-known character.

In addition to reading the bible, the actress also prepared herself physically, with colleagues on stage, and also in online conversations with authors and production staff.

In an exclusive interview with the on the small screen, the artist reveals what most enchanted her in the Record soap opera and how it was to record the plot in the middle of a pandemic. Giselle still remembers the first gay kiss in soap operas in which she starred alongside Luciana Vendramini and the difficulties at the beginning of her career. Check out!

Bible dive into Genesis

To play Raquel in the new phase of Genesis, Giselle had to prepare a lot to dive into the biblical universe of Record’s plot. In addition, the challenge was greater for having recorded in the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic.

“The grandeur of the production, the historical reproduction and the characterization enchanted me a lot. I read Genesis to understand the context of Jacob’s story. We had some virtual meetings with the authors of the novel and the cast of the nucleus. Then we prepared scene by scene with the Record actor coach, Fernanda. It was a very meticulous and well-produced work. That enchanted me, the commitment of a giant team to this beautiful project”, she says.

“It was a hell of a surprise to record in the pandemic. I was afraid to accept it, as I had not yet been vaccinated in March and it was a risk. But I needed to take advantage of the opportunity. I was on a project as an announcer, working from home in a home studio in São Paulo and the The invitation changed everything. I went to Rio and spent five months, time that lasted my participation. I vaccinated both doses there, in June. Everything worked out! I’m back home,” he reveals.

mother’s craft

Rachel spent a good part of Genesis trying to fulfill her biggest dream: To be a mother. In real life, Giselle has a son, Tabris, aged 15, the result of her relationship with artist Marcelo Gemmal.

“Being a mother was not a priority in my life. I got emancipated at 17, at 19 I was in China working as a model. At 27 I moved to Rio de Janeiro to give life to teacher Linda for three seasons. I couldn’t imagine a life with children during At 30 I met my husband, after three years together he asked: ‘are we going to have a child?’ So I said yes,” he recalls.

“This is a very important step, building a family, educating a child. Life changes a lot. The priority now is the person under your responsibility. It takes a lot of dedication. I see the biggest challenge of all, being a father and a mother . After the marriage, which also requires a lot of attention, care, resignation and dedication. Marcelo and I have been married for 18 years and Tatá, our brood, is already 15. We are a tribe”, he jokes.

First gay kiss in soap operas

Ten years ago, Giselle Tigre starred in a scene that was marked in the history of Brazilian television, the first gay kiss in a soap opera. The actress still reaps rewards for having participated in the unforgettable sequel to the soap opera Amor e Revolution (2011).

“This subject is very serious and relevant. I didn’t have the dimension of how important that scene was in terms of representation and contributed to raising the issue of relationships between people of the same sex, which is natural and real in our society. Why should this subject remain veiled in the serials of a soap opera, such a popular segment in Brazil? I think it is important to standardize the theme”, he analyzes.

“I’m surprised that I don’t have at least one LGBTQIA+ couple in many other productions, as it already happens in other countries. This is a civilizing achievement. Live and let live. With respect for diversity. Luciana and I really want to work together again to to continue the story of Marina and Marcela or another homo-affective couple. We have already fostered this desire for Thiago Santiago, author of the novel. Who knows, something comes out of this?”, he points out.

Early career

At 49 years old, 34 of them destined for modeling and 21 for interpretation, life was not always easy for the artist. She faced resistance from her own family to become a model.

“I’m the daughter of an angry northeaster, full of prejudices. I didn’t have support from my father at the beginning of my career. Understandable. He was very afraid that I would get into trouble. But my mother sewed me wings. of self-confidence and supported me. She took me to theater rehearsals, photo studios and auditions. And she interceded with my father so that he wouldn’t stop my plans,” he says.

“So much so that he signed my emancipation so that he could work as a model in São Paulo at age 17. I couldn’t go wrong after that. That responsibility was placed on me. At that moment, I matured. I was overcoming challenges, breaking barriers, imposing limits and conquering my space. My parents are dead. But I know I filled them with pride for my firm and responsible posture,” he recalls.

In addition to starting her difficult career, she knew how to work around the problems that came her way. One of those barriers was harassment.

“The worst thing I faced at the beginning of my career was harassment. There is always someone who wants to take advantage of your good will. But I soon imposed my limit and got out of anything that was harmful. It worked! I am very proud of the experiences I had lived through. and the career I’ve built over three decades,” he boasts.

“Some of these stories will be in the book I’m writing and will release in 2022 when I turn 50. A book of photos, with stories and reflections on being an artist, woman, mother, spiritualist, citizen and many other roles. Many people don’t know, but I have a degree in journalism and I love writing too. I’m in a very fertile and inspiring moment. And 50 years of life deserves something remarkable. The project is already underway,” she says.