Newspaper reveals the 5 reasons why Mbappé doesn’t want to renew even ‘for all the money in the world’, including Messi and Leonardo

In an article published this Tuesday, the newspaper At revealed the five reasons why the attacker Kylian Mbappe you don’t want to renew your contract with the PSG beyond June 2022.

The young French star is linked to the Paris club until June 2022, and has told the board several times that he does not want to extend the period beyond that.

The team must now decide whether to hold the athlete until the end of the 2021/22 season, which would likely cause him to sign a pre-contract with another team and leave for free in the middle of 2022, or whether to sell him.

If you choose the 2nd option, the main interested party remains the Real Madrid, but the trading value is still considered too high, especially in times of financial crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

To release the 7 shirt now, PSG asks for 150 million euros (R$ 929.08 million).

Check out the five reasons why Mbappé doesn’t want to renew:

1. The bad relationship with Leonardo

According to the At, the bad relationship he has with the football director at PSG, the Brazilian Leonardo, is one of the main reasons why Mbappé does not want to renew.

The newspaper claims that the conversations between Leonardo and Kylian flowed so badly that the leader was even put aside, with the president of Paris, Nasser Al-Khelaifi, taking over the reins of the negotiations.

“Al-Khelaifi is the only one now who has conversations with Mbappé, while Leonardo, who was also instrumental in the departure of coach Thomas Tuchel in December last year, has virtually no relationship with the player’s surroundings,” said the At.

2. ‘Not for all the money in the world’

The diary reveals that, so far, six renewal proposals have been made for Mbappé, and all of them have been rejected.

“The striker’s decision not to renew has been firm for a long time, and even Qatar’s juicy money doesn’t convince him otherwise,” he wrote.

The vehicle guarantees that the attacker’s “dream” is to play for Real Madrid, and that the renewal with PSG will not happen “not even for all the money in the world”.

“If Mbappé doesn’t come out in August 2021, it will arrive in Madrid for free in 2022,” he assured.

3. Messi put him in second place

Lionel Messi’s arrival at PSG turned out to be a “problem” for Mbappé, according to At.

The newspaper claims that the hiring of the Argentine made “all eyes focused” on Paris’ new 30 shirt, with Kylian being relegated to a “second level”.

“In March, Mbappé asked PSG for a competitive project. Al-Khelaifi fulfilled that, but Kylian wanted the project to revolve around him. With Messi, PSG approaches the Champions League title, but Mbappé’s importance in the team is reduced to the 2nd level, since all eyes are on the Argentine”, argued the diary.

4. The 2017 pact that was not fulfilled

The Spanish vehicle reports that Mbappé also did not like that the “gentlemen’s agreement” made with Al-Khelaifi in 2017 was not fulfilled.

In this conversation, the president of PSG would have promised Mbappé, when he hired him from Monaco, that in 2021 he would be released to leave the team, if he wished.

The problem is that, in French football, these clauses are prohibited from being placed in a contract, and everything was just “word agreement”.

“Mbapé wants to leave PSG now, in August, and this unfulfilled pact seems to have annoyed the player even more,” he reported.

5. The fans started to get tired of the “novel”

On PSG’s debut at home this season, Mbappé was booed by fans at Parque dos Príncipes for the 1st time since he arrived at the club, in 2017.

When his name was announced, he received a huge boo, which even served as pressure for him to soon announce whether he will stay or leave.

“Although Mbappé turned the boos into applause, after making an excellent match against Strasbourg, the complaints certainly encouraged the Frenchman to leave Paris as soon as possible,” concluded the newspaper.