Neymar shows his son’s birthday at his mansion and impresses

Player Neymar Jr celebrated his son’s 10th birthday at his Paris mansion

The player Neymar Jr is celebrating his son Davi Lucca’s tenth birthday! To celebrate the date, the player held a surprise party for the boy at his mansion in Paris, France.

Davi’s mother, digital influencer Carol Dantas, the boy’s stepfather, businessman Vinícius Martinez, and his younger brother, little Valentin, one year and eleven months old, also participated in the celebration.

Neymar and Carol Dantas have an excellent relationship. When Davi Lucca was born they were no longer together, but they have maintained a friendly relationship ever since.
When showing his son’s birthday, the player declared himself to the boy saying: “Congratulations my love”. Friends of the player also declared themselves to Davi Lucca, Bianca Coimbra commented: “Congratulations Davizinho! We love you a lot!”.

The celebration took place in the hall of the player’s mansion in Paris, France. Internet users were just praise for the birthday party that the player and Carol Dantas organized for little Davi Lucca.

One netizen commented: “Surprise for Davi! He deserves all the best in this world.” And another internet user also commented: “And long live David! What a beautiful thing!”. Another netizen also said: “Congratulations David! Many years of life and happiness!”.

a fan of Neymar Jr commented: “Congratulations Davi Lucca! May daddy in heaven continue to bless you and may you continue this sweet and beautiful boy”. And another internet user said: “Congratulations Davizinho, God bless you with great health”. One fan still says: “Congratulations kitty! Jesus bless your life and that of your beautiful family”. Another fan also stated: “Best gift in the world you received! Gorgeous and your family’s love for you is beautiful to see!”. And one fan even commented: “David is the best gift you could ever get!”

Neymar on his son's birthday at his mansion

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