Nine Strangers: Nicole Kidman’s role in the series shocked co-stars and affected her intimate life – Series News

Available on Amazon Prime Video, production is based on book by Liane Moriarty, author behind Big Little Lies.

The first three episodes of Nine Unknowns arrived on the Prime Video catalog last Friday (20), bringing to the screen the homonymous work by Liane Moriarty – writer known for the series Big Little Lies, adapted from her homonymous bestseller. This time, the plot, starring Nicole Kidman, follows a group of nine people who are hand-picked to spend 10 days at the heavenly Tranquillum wellness centre. But the promise of a transformative experience soon fades, giving way to a sequence of bizarre and very suspicious events.

Nine Strangers: First impressions of Nicole Kidman’s enigmatic new series

Created by David E. Kelley and John Henry Butterworth, the miniseries has an extensive cast and, by the way, incredible. The nine guests are Melissa McCarthy, Bobby Cannavale, Melvin Gregg, Samara Weaving, Regina Hall, Luke Evans, Michael Shannon, Asher Keddie and Grace Van Patten.

Kidman, on the other hand, embodies the Russian Masha Dmitrichenko, spiritual guru of the supposed retreat and a somewhat enigmatic figure. To achieve a certain intellectual weight and a seductive energy, the actress delved deep into the character, to the point that she herself transformed.


By participating in a panel of Television Critics Association, Kidman revealed that she got stuck in character during the five months of shooting in Australia. She defined her method of acting as “batshit crazy” (something like “irrational crazy”), borrowing one of his recurrent lines in Nine Perfect Strangers (in the original).

“I only answered for Masha,” declared the actress. “I wanted a very calm healing energy to emanate all the time, so I remember going to people and kind of putting my hand on their heart, holding their hands. When they spoke to me or used my name Nicole, I ignored them completely.” According to Kidman, the tactic allowed him to give Masha more authenticity. “The only way to really relate to people was this. Otherwise, I would be performing and I didn’t want to feel that way,” he explained.

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In an interview with Yahoo Entertainment, Cannavale, who plays former football player Tony Hogburn, said the series was shot in script order and that the cast didn’t meet Kidman until the first day of shooting. “It was a shocking experience because I didn’t know what it would look like or what it would sound like,” admitted the actor. “She kept her accent behind the scenes. It didn’t sound like you were talking to her, to Nicole.”

The actress confirmed that the cast of Nine Unknowns didn’t hear his Australian accent until the last minute of work. “In the end, when I gave a speech to everyone on the team, thanking them for their effort, they said, ”Oh my God, is that what you sound like?'” Kidman recalled on the show. The Project.


The one who seems unfazed by Kidman’s immersion was her husband Keith Urban. Married to the actress for 15 years, the country singer was even attracted by the Russian inflection that his wife adopted on and off the set.

Still for the The Project, the actress confessed: “I didn’t act like Masha when I went home to sleep. But my kids heard me speak with an accent all the time, to the point that they didn’t even notice. Keith was very interested in Masha, so that was good.” . She even joked, “I think he kind of enjoyed her vibe.”