Opponent to Leila tears up the verb and denounces threats from the owner of Crefisa: “It scared people who are afraid of retaliation”

If on the field Palmeiras dispute the titles of the Brazilian Championship and Copa Libertadores, outside it, the backstage is on fire. Reason: presidential elections in November. After Leila Pereira announced her campaign last week, now, Savério Orlandi, and a pre-candidate, the opposition is already starting to articulate itself in the streets of the most victorious club in Brazil. During an interview with the UOL Esporte report, the counselor did not spare criticism of the competitor and claimed that, unlike what they think, she is not acclaimed by everyone as many people think.

“Not everyone feels represented by her. She’s obnoxious, doesn’t like to be contradicted, she’s inopportune. She can slip on a shell. She’s also been using the club a lot too.and for her events, and the associate who goes there on weekends doesn’t necessarily want to deal with that,” said the counselor, who has not stopped casting criticism at the presenter. “Crefisa’s sponsorship is a reason to be proud. But since her arrival, I’ve seen her in this process of co-option and undermining leadership in the club, threatening lawsuits. There is a disagreement within the club regarding her attitude. It scared her. these people, who became afraid of suffering retaliation for opposing her”, he pondered.

The pre-candidate also did not spare Galiotte. In the counselor’s view, many of Galiotte’s attitudes were against the wishes of the majority of advisers and partners who supported him in the past. For Saverio Orlandi, the current president will even emerge as the president who won titles, however, on the other hand, he will be questioned in economic and political terms at the club.

Leila’s opponent also attacked Maurício Galiotte. Photo: César Greco/ Palmeiras

“We have income, but we have very high expenses. Mauricio has found a pacified club and is leaving an atmosphere that is not too airy and unharmonious. He was supported by everyone, elected by acclamation, and the club is now divided.”, said Orlandi, who also commented on the idea of ​​ending the siege of the streets around Allianz Parque on match days.

“There are no pickpockets or drug users that justify prohibiting the crowd from holding such a traditional type of party. This is once again the public authorities not treating football correctly, punishing those who have to punish. Anyone who is from Palmeira knows. that occupying the streets near the stadium is very important. This is part of our history”, completed the pre-candidate.

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