People infected with Delta have a viral load 300 times higher

A study released by the Disease Control and Prevention Agency of South Korea on Tuesday (24/8) reports that the viral load of people infected with the Delta variant, first identified in India but already disseminated around the world, is 300 times greater than those infected by the original version of the coronavirus.

This peak, however, would only occur in the first days of infection, as the viral load of Delta, as well as other variants, decreases over time. After the first four days, those infected with Delta would have 30 times more viral load than those infected with the original Sars-Cov-2, and ten days after the infection, the viral load would already be similar.

In a press interview on Tuesday, the country’s Health Minister, Lee Sang-won, said the higher viral load makes the virus more easily spread among people. “But that doesn’t mean Delta is 300 times more infectious. We estimate that its transmission rate is 1.6 times the rate of the Alpha variant (UK), and about twice the original version of the virus,” said Lee.

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The indications to prevent the Delta variant are the same as for other versions of the coronavirus. In addition to complying with the complete vaccination schedule, it is important to wear a mask with a good seal, maintain frequent hand hygiene and respect social distance. (With information from Reuters Agency)