PF indicts senator of money in the buttocks

PF indicts senator of money in the buttocks

Photo: Jefferson Rudy/Senate Agency

The Federal Police indicted on Tuesday (24) Chico Rodrigues, former deputy leader of the government of Jair Bolsonaro in the Senate, for embezzlement of resources destined to combat Covid-19 in Roraima and for hiding money between his buttocks, registers O Globo.

The attempt to hide the money was caught by federal police in the fulfillment of a search and seizure warrant against the congressman, in October of last year. The story was revealed by Crusoe.

The PF report, sent to the STF, accuses the DEM senator of Roraima of crimes of embezzlement (embezzlement of public resources), administrative law (defence of private interests within the public administration), money laundering and embarrassment to the investigation of a criminal organization —the last two, because of the cash in the buttocks.

“The conduct of Senator Chico Rodrigues in fact created embarrassments to the investigation, since, under police control at the time of collecting evidence of the crimes for which he is being investigated, he acted underground, hiding in his body, in intimate regions , banknotes”, says the report signed by delegates Luciana Matutino Caires and João Marcello Rodrigues Uchoa.

According to the investigation, Rodrigues would have interceded with public bodies to defend the interests of private companies in public tenders and would also have destined a parliamentary amendment to the company with which he would be close.

Earlier this Tuesday, as we published, an operation by the PF targeted the president of the DEM in Roraima, former deputy Abel Galinha, an ally of Chico Rodrigues.