PF to hear Ramagem and Ramos in inquiry into Bolsonaro’s attacks on the electoral system | Policy

This counting was opened earlier this month by the Supreme Court (STF) after a series of attacks by Bolsonaro against the electronic ballot box and the threat of not holding elections in 2022.

The central point of this investigation is the live made by the president on July 29 – when Bolsonaro failed to provide evidence about alleged irregularities in the Brazilian electoral system.

Testimonials should be taken later this week. The PF wants to gather elements of how these attacks on the system were organized and, in particular, the transmission on the president’s social networks.

Ramagem and Ramos will be heard as witnesses and should be asked about Bolsonaro’s statements in live.

The Army Reserve Colonel, Eduardo Gomes da Silva, who was Ramos’ special adviser and stood beside Bolsonaro during the broadcast, will also be heard. Silva has already testified to the Superior Electoral Court – and admitted that there is no evidence of fraud.

See below an article on the inclusion of Bolsonaro as investigated in the fake news survey:

Moraes includes Bolsonaro as investigated in the fake news inquiry for attacks on the electoral system

Moraes includes Bolsonaro as investigated in the fake news inquiry for attacks on the electoral system

The investigation is looking for evidence of a move to destabilize democracy. For investigators, the live it ended up being disseminated on the networks, following the same pattern as the so-called digital militia and several statements by the president in recent months – about the Brazilian electoral system and also about the fight against the pandemic.

Reporter of the inquiry at the STF, Minister Alexandre de Moraes, affirmed, when authorizing the inclusion of Bolsonaro as being investigated, that all statements were aimed at attacking democratic institutions.

“The pronouncement of the President of the Republic, Jair Messias Bolsonaro, was revealed as one of the occasions in which the agent positioned himself in a way, in theory, criminal and offensive to institutions, especially the Supreme Court, attributing the intention to its ministers to defraud the elections to favor any candidate, and the Superior Electoral Court, in the context of holding the elections scheduled for the year 2022, sustaining, without any evidence, that electronic voting is fraudulent and not auditable.”