PF will use Lamborghini seized from the ‘King of Bitcoin’ as a vehicle

The Federal Police (PF) will use the Lamborghini seized in Operation Daemon made in July 2021 against Grupo Bitcoin Banco, company of the ‘King of Bitcoin’. The luxury car has even been customized by the PF, which presented the new powerhouse in Curitiba.

With an estimated value of R$ 800 thousand, the car was seized in compliance with the search and seizure warrants, which culminated in the arrest of Cláudio Oliveira and his wife.

The Lamborghini vehicle model is a Gallardo LP 560-4, which has a 10-cylinder engine and a power of 560 hp. This vehicle goes from zero to 100 km/h in just 3.7 seconds, with the ability to reach a top speed of 325 km/h.

How the Federal Police will use the Lamborghini seized from the ‘King of Bitcoin’

With a financial coup valued at R$1.5 billion in Brazil, with thousands of victims, Cláudio Oliveira, the alleged ‘King of Bitcoin’, had several luxury properties in his possession, obtained with funds from his former clients.

Investigated by the Public Ministry and Federal Police, he ended up being the target of an operation called Daemon in early July. Since the episode, Claudio has been imprisoned in a penitentiary in Paraná, without the right to habeas corpus.

Seeing the situation, the PF ended up obtaining authorization from the federal court to use the Lamborghini seized in the operation, in some operations to repress organized crime. The use of this vehicle will not be done routinely, guaranteed a note from the federal police.

“The Federal Police, with authorization from the Federal Court, characterized as an ostensible vehicle a car valued at approximately R$ 800 thousand. It is a Lamborghini model Gallardo LP 560-4, seized under Operation Daemon. The action, launched in July 2021, investigated possible fraud practiced by a business group in the negotiation of cryptoactives.

Despite its power, the vehicle will not be used in the PF’s routine actions as a common vehicle, but rather for exhibitions, events and educational actions aimed at repressing organized crime and on the importance of undercapitalization of criminal organizations.

Rear of the Federal Police's Lamborghini
Rear of the Federal Police’s Lamborghini/Disclosure

Despite the use of this luxury vehicle by the Federal Police, the car will be auctioned

Despite the use of the Lamborguini by the PF, the police institution claims that this vehicle will soon be returned to the federal court, which will have to auction the car for possible compensation to the victims of the companies investigated in Operation Daemon.

“It is noteworthy that the car was assigned by the Federal Court for the provisional use of the PF and will be returned to the Judiciary soon, when it will go to auction, with the proceeds from the sale being destined to those harmed by the actions of those investigated in Operation Daemon.”

It is noteworthy that in the worldwide Bitcoin community it is common to use the meme “When Lambo“, who believes that with the currency’s price appreciation his fans will be able to have Lamborghinis.

See more photos of PF’s custom Lamborguini:

New Federal Police Vehicle
New Federal Police Vehicle/Disclosure

Photo of a PF agent next to a new luxury vehicle
Photo of PF Agent next to a new luxury vehicle/Disclosure