PMs from the interior of SP rented 50 buses to come to Paulista, says deputy – 08/24/2021

Military police officers from cities in the interior of São Paulo such as Itapetininga, Presidente Prudente, Ribeirão Preto, Bauru and Campinas are organizing to attend the pro-Bolsonaro demonstration on Avenida Paulista on September 7 en masse.

According to deputy Colonel Tadeu (PSL-SP), there are already “at least 50 buses rented” by category in these cities. In some of them, he says, PMs are receiving “support” from merchants to pay for their seats, costing between 30 and 100 reais.

Although the Disciplinary Regiment of the Military Police of São Paulo determines that active police cannot participate in demonstrations of a party-political nature, the deputy affirms that nothing prevents PMs from supporting the president “like Brazilians”. For the congressman, police officers “have a birth certificate and the right to be a patriot.” The deputy stated that the policemen from the interior will come in plain clothes and said he believes they will not carry weapons.

Colonel Tadeu, elected in 2018, gained notoriety in November 2019 when he broke the plaque in an exhibition of the Chamber of Deputies that displayed the drawing of a policeman with a revolver in his hand and a young man on the ground under the title “The genocide of the population black”.

An ally of Bolsonaro and a critic of the governor of João Doria, he claims that “80% of the troops of the Military Police in the State of São Paulo are pocketnaristas”.

For Tadeu, the governor of São Paulo committed “his biggest political mistake” by removing Colonel Aleksander Lacerda, the commander of six PM battalions in the interior of São Paulo, punished for posting messages inciting PMs to participate in acts against the STF. “Technically, the governor acted correctly, but politically, and because of the way in which the removal took place, he strained his relationship with the corporation, which, by the way, was never good”.

According to the deputy, Doria “won 140,000 electoral cables against him” with the punishment of the commander, “adored by the troops”. Even so, says the congressman, there will not be any reaction outside the norms of the decision on the part of the PMs.

“The PM will only react if it receives an illegal order from the governor,” he says. And what would an illegal order be? The congressman answers: “The prohibition of police attending Paulista, for example. In this case, Doria will have to bear the consequences.”