PMs rented 50 buses to go to the Pocket Meeting in São Paulo, says deputy | Brazil

Colonel Thaddeus (PSL-SP)

Colonel Thaddeus (PSL-SP)

The protest in favor of President Bolsonaro (no party) on September 7, on Avenida Paulista, in São Paulo (SP), must have the massive support of active military police officers — which is prohibited by the corporation. Officials from cities in the interior of São Paulo such as Itapetininga, Presidente Prudente, Ribeirão Preto, Bauru and Campinas are organizing to attend the event and, according to Deputy Coronel Tadeu (PSL-SP), there are already “at least 50 buses rented” by category in these cities.

According to a report from Uol
, the congressman stated that the PMs are receiving “support” from merchants to pay for their seats, at a cost between 30 and 100 reais.”

Although the Military Police’s Disciplinary Regiment does not authorize the presence of active agents in political acts, the colonel claimed that nothing prevents them from participating in the protest “like Brazilians”. According to Tadeu, the police “have a birth certificate and the right to be a patriot.” He also stated that “80% of the troops of the Military Police in the State of São Paulo are pocketnaristas”

Bolsonaro’s ally and Doria’s critic, Colonel Tadeu gained fame after breaking, in 2019, the plaque of an exhibition in the Chamber of Deputies that had a drawing of an armed policeman and a young man on the ground under the title “The genocide of the black population “.

This Monday (23), the governor of the state of São Paulo, João Doria (PSDB), removed Colonel Aleksander Lacerda, commander of six battalions of the PM, for inciting the PMS to attend the events. For Colonel Tadeu, Doria “stressed the relationship with the corporation, which, incidentally, was never good”.

The politician also stated that, if the governor decides to ‘ban’ the presence of PMS in Paulista, “he will have to bear the consequences”.