R$ 37.2 million come into play and Fiorentina waves with a proposal for Cuca’s reserve

Atlético-MG assembled a team to fight for all the titles in the season. In the first objective, he fulfilled: he was champion of the Minas Gerais Championship. In this second half, the team competes in three competitions (Brasileirão, Copa do Brasil and Libertadores) and the fans are quite confident that Galão da Massa will get the trophies.

Diego Costa hasn’t debuted yet, but he’s been training well and expectations are huge around his signing. The center forward arrives with a lot of status and has everything to make a great pair with Hulk, who already shines with the athletic shirt and is the main player of the team at that moment.

Who can be leaving is the right-back Guga. According to information from the portal “Viola News”, Fiorentina evaluates the hiring of the player. The athlete was offered to the Italian club, which also has other options in the market for the sector, but the deal with the Brazilian can really happen. The athletic board is open to hear proposals by the young man.

Guga doesn’t have much credit with the fans and most of them support the negotiation happen. The full-back, despite still being promising, needs to evolve in some aspects, especially in the defensive sector. On the other hand, his physical form and technical quality are considered above average.

Valued at around 6 million euros (37.2 million at the current price), at the beginning of the year, Guga was even considered at Flamengo, but Galo put his foot down and didn’t release it to one of the great rivals of Brazilian football.