R$ 500 million jewel should gain space in Grêmio

Grêmio midfielder Sarará may have his first opportunity as a first-team starter. The young man who has a fine of 500 million reais has been seen as a prodigy from the Grêmio base for a long time.

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However, after Maicon’s injury in the match against Cuiabá, Felipão said he could use Sarará as a substitute. This statement caught the attention of the fans, as there were people who didn’t even know the player.

“In principle, it could be Lucas (Silva). Let’s see his reaction (he suffered a blow to his right knee). Otherwise it will be a boy. We have Fernando Henrique there, Sarará, who trains very well… Maybe it’s time to launch too. […]” Felipão said.

Sarará recently turned 19 years old. But despite his young age, his height of 1.81m already stands out. This is the same height as defensive midfielder Thiago Santos.

R$ 500 million jewel should gain space in Grêmio

Matthew Sararah
Image: Twitter @SoccerGremio

Due to Maicon’s new injury, the guild is chasing to find a replacement for the game against Bahia, Sarará could be the solution. César Lopez, coach of the transition team, said the following about Sarará’s position;

“I’ve always used it as a number 8 shirt, as it has mobility, enters the area and has a return for marking. But, as he likes to make the first frame and has a good aerial ball, it could be a No. 5.” He analyzed the coach.

As described by the coach of the transition team, Sarará has the characteristics to be a good defensive midfielder for Grêmio.

Even if he doesn’t start at the first moment, he could very well fill a spot in the reserve bank, so he should gain space in the coming weeks.

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Image: Lucas Uebel / Grêmio FBPA