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Gasoline prices were the main topic of the day in Amapá, especially in Macapá, where application drivers, following a national agenda, staged a protest in the streets of the Center claiming a reduction in ICMS on fuel this Tuesday morning (24).

The theme also dominated the social networks of profiles and user accounts in the state. In the afternoon, the Government of Amapá posted on its Instagram profile that the state has the cheapest liter of gasoline in the country and that it has the lowest ICMS rate on fuel, 25%, along with six other states.

The SelesNafes.com portal verified with the National Agency of Petroleum, Natural Gas and Biofuels (ANP), that the Price Survey System The agency has a ranking of the price of gasoline by states, in a recent survey, carried out in the period from 15 to 21 August.

The survey showed that Amapá has the average (R$ 5.14) and minimum (5.11) prices per liter as the most affordable compared to other states and the Federal District. On the other hand, the State of Rio de Janeiro has the highest average price in Brazil, with a liter sold at R$ 6.48, and the maximum can reach R$ 6.80 in the capital of Rio de Janeiro.

Lowest price at Macapá pumps is R$5.11

The capital of Rio de Janeiro has the highest average price in the country. Photo: Glauber Gatto

In the North, Acre, with an average of R$ 6.45, has the second most expensive liter in the country. And the podium of the most expensive average price is completed by the Federal District, where gasoline is sold to the final consumer for R$ 6.35, on average.

See the average price ranking of ANP common gasoline by federation unit:

  • Rio de Janeiro: BRL 6.48
  • Acre: BRL 6.45
  • Federal District: BRL 6.35
  • Piauí: BRL 6.30
  • Goiás: BRL 6.27
  • Minas Gerais: BRL 6.18
  • Tocantins: BRL 6.15
  • Rio Grande do Sul: BRL 6.14
  • Rio Grande do Norte: BRL 6.10
  • Sergipe: BRL 6.09
  • Rondônia: BRL 6.06
  • Bahia: BRL 6.06
  • Alagoas: BRL 6.04
  • Espírito Santo: BRL 6.04
  • Pará: BRL 6.03
  • Mato Grosso do Sul: R$ 5.95
  • Mato Grosso: BRL 5.94
  • Ceará: BRL 5.93
  • Pernambuco: BRL 5.90
  • Maranhão: BRL 5.90
  • Amazon: BRL 5.79
  • Paraíba: R$ 5.79
  • Santa Catarina: BRL 5.74
  • Paraná: BRL 5.73
  • Roraima: BRL 5.63
  • São Paulo: BRL 5.62
  • Amapá: R$5.14


The government of Amapá also informed that in Brazil, the ICMS rate on gasoline varies between 25% and 34%, with an average between 28% and 32% practiced by the states. Therefore, Amapá practices a gasoline ICMS rate below the national average.

App drivers want ICMS reduction

These rates are defined by voting in the National Council for Finance Policy (Confaz), an agency composed of all the states and the DF, which controls the tax and collection policy in Brazil of the federated units.

Since 2015, Amapá has maintained the lowest rate (25%) of the ICMS rate on gasoline allowed by Confaz. Only six other states practice this rate.