Real offers R$1 billion to PSG to hire Mbappé

Real Madrid made the first official offer to hire striker Kylian Mbappé and, according to the Spanish newspaper Marca, the values ​​are around R$ 1 billion. Real’s attempt comes shortly after the French striker turned down yet another proposal to renew PSG’s contract.

The Spanish team considered that R$1 billion is a ‘reasonable’ amount, as it will be able to trade with Mbappé for free in four months, as the striker’s link with PSG ends in 2022 and he will soon be able to sign a pre-contract with any team.

Fabrizio Romano, who is a journalist specializing in the transfer market in Europe, confirmed the deal informed by Marca.

According to the publication, there is a certain tone of ‘optimism’ on the side of Real Madrid in the possibility of already counting on Mbappé this season, even with PSG promising to play a tough game in the negotiation.

On the other hand, the French media revealed that yesterday was the first day that PSG, behind the scenes, considered negotiating Mbappé. Even so, the deadline to complete the negotiation is short, as the transfer window closes next Tuesday.