Regina Duarte is removed from a Globo soap opera after “burning out” by Bolsonaro

Regina Duarte during her participation in Pega Pega, which was cut in the soap opera's rerun (Photo: Reproduction/TV Globo)
Regina Duarte during her participation in Pega Pega, which was cut in the soap opera’s rerun (Photo: Reproduction/TV Globo)

Regina Duarte had its cameo appearance removed from the soap opera grab hold. After controversies in which the actress became involved to participate in the government of Jair Bolsonaro, a Globe eliminated from the special edition of the plot of seven the scene in which she appears.

In the original exhibition of the serial written by Cláudia Souto, Regina appeared playing herself during a party promoted by Sabine (Irene Ravache).

In the sequence that was removed in the rerun of the telenovela, she talked to the millionaire shrew and also gave some advice to the wealthy bankrupt Pedrinho Guimarães (Marcos Caruso).

“My dear friend, what can I tell you? Based on my long years of experience with teledramaturgy, one moment this script takes a turn. You’ll get out of this, believe me”, she said in the cut scene.

The scene, which should have aired in the chapter this Monday (23), has been completely removed. In a rerun, it is normal for some scenes to be cut. Nonetheless, the controversies in which Regina got involved in recent months certainly also contributed to this.

The actress ended up being released from Globo in February last yearwhen you decided accept invitation from Jair Bolsonaro to assume the special secretariat of Culture. She only remained in the position for two months, but it was the enough to “burn” with the artistic class.

Participation in Pega Pega

At the time of the first screening, Regina was invited to participate after declaring herself a fan of Pega Pega. “I loved being here”, she said on video after recording the plot.

In the video made backstage at Globo (check it out here), which is almost four minutes long, the actress received affectionate messages from the cast of the plot. Among them, names like Irene Ravache, Marcos Caruso and Milton Gonçalves, who acted with her.

“Guys, what is this?! What a beautiful thing! I want to keep it forever. What a great thing this cast. I love this cast. All the best, a memorable afternoon. Amazing invitation that I was bouncy when I found out, declared Regina.

In this ocasion, she said she accepted the invitation as soon as she received. “I accepted right away to come here and get close to the people I admire”, delivered.

In a post on social media at the time, Regina Duarte published a photo with Irene Ravache and Marcos Caruso behind the scenes at Globo. She celebrated her participation in Pega Pega.

Victor Peccoli

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