Release date, price, platforms and more

Halo Infinite is the next game in the franchise starring Master Chief. With the promise of offering a bigger world and even free exploration in certain parts of the game, the game is among the most anticipated of the current generation of Microsoft, started with the launch of the Xbox Series X and S.

Below, the The Enemy compiled all currently available information regarding Halo Infinite. We’ll update this story as new developments come out, so check back as often as you can to stay up to date on one of the hottest exclusives at the moment.

Release date, price and platforms

Master Chief in Halo Infinite.

Promised for 2021, Halo Infinite follows without a defined release date or price. The game will be released for Xbox Series, Xbox One and PC.


Pilot in Halo Infinite.

Even without a number in the title, Halo Infinite is a game from the main series. According to the franchise’s own writer Jeff Easterling, gamers might consider Halo Infinite to be Halo 6. It’s not a prelude or anything like that. It’s a crucial new story in the journey of the Master Chief, who is back.

The beginning of Halo Infinite is right after the end of Halo 5. Cortana has disappeared and the Master Chief is floating in space, until he is found by a pilot. This sequence had already been shown in a trailer and, yes, it is the beginning of the adventure.

During the campaign, Chief will have to fight the Banished, which some players may recognize from Halo Wars 2. Don’t worry: according to the team responsible for the new game, it is not necessary to have prior knowledge about the story to enjoy Halo Infinite .

Seeking a balance between the more “talkative” protagonist we saw in Halo 4, and the quieter one we saw in the original Halo trilogy, the new adventure promises to bring a balanced Master Chief, who will neither be too chatty nor too quiet.

The big villain in the story will be a Banished named War Chief Escarum, who serves as the group leader in the new game. He is willing to fight to the last drop of blood against the Master Chief to protect the Halo in which he has come to live, believed to be his last stronghold.


Barrier in Halo Infinite.

Halo Infinite will have a campaign that can be played cooperatively, but not at launch. The release of this feature has been postponed and still has no confirmed date. In addition to this option, there will also be a free multiplayer with the right to Battle Pass. But, calm down: it’s not a battle royale.

The promise is that there will be no loot box system in the new game. Instead, players will know exactly what they’re getting and will even be able to buy passes for any season. Then just select which Battle Pass you want to progress on.

There will be customization of weapons, vehicles, armor and more, as in many other games that feature item customization options. Items purchased for multiplayer should be limited to cosmetics rather than more powerful weapons and all.

It won’t just be with real money that players will have access to cosmetic items, as there are many rewards that can be acquired by playing the story. And if you’re new to Halo, be aware that there will even be a bot mode to get used to the fluidity of the game, as well as the most common terminology and mechanics.


Halo Infinite Map.

Following the pattern already established by the franchise, Halo Infinite will be a first-person shooter. While many of the devices, weapons, armor and vehicles will remain the same as we already know, there will be some additions.

Whether in campaign or multiplayer, players will have access to a hook that will take the Master Chief from place to place on the map at a much faster speed than normal. This can be useful for both getting close to enemies and moving away.

Halo’s iconic vehicles like the Warthog and Ghost are back, and they have some new quirks: wheels, hoods and other elements can be destroyed and exposed if enemies focus fire on that particular part.

Speaking of vehicles, instead of simply spawning near a base, they will now be brought directly to the map by Pelican cargo ships. Not only that — the supply pods that land on the map, like in Halo 2, are back.

The armor special abilities introduced in Halo: Reach will also be back in Halo Infinite, which will enter your inventory and can be used whenever the player wants. Unless, of course, an enemy takes you down first, and steals your equipment from your remains.