Remember what happens in the last chapter of the soap opera Topíssima

The last chapter of the soap opera Topíssima will be aired today, August 24, 2021. The rerun of the 2019 serial has been on the small screen for a few months and will be replaced by Quem Chama o Coração. As it is expected that the outcome of the novel is with a new ending, let’s help you remember what happened in the original version of Cristianne Fridman’s work.

What happens in the last chapter of Topíssima?

Sophia (Camila Rodrigues) leaves jail after police chief André (Sidney Sampaio) manages to unravel the crime of whoever killed Lara Alencar (Cristiana Oliveira) once and for all. Suspected of having killed her own mother, the character of Camila Rodrigues finally gets her freedom while the police go after Aderlize (Karen Marinho).

After the police unravel the murder and put the evidence on the table, the secretary confesses that she had a plan for revenge against Sophia’s mother because the shrew ruined her acting career.

Aderlize (Karen Marinho) confesses to the crime in the final chapter of Topíssima Foto: TV Record

Free, Sophia gets her happy ending in the last chapter of the soap opera Topíssima, but that takes a while. After she reveals to Antonio (Felipe Cunha) that she had a child with Lima (Guilherme Winter), the taxi driver ends their relationship, but then backtracks. The couple reunites on the one-year birthday of Daniel, Sophia and Lima’s son, Antonio says they’ve wasted too much time and makes a declaration of love for the girl.

The soap opera has a passage of time and shows years later the happy couple, Daniel is already a big child and Antonio and Sophia had a daughter.

Another happy ending of the last chapter of the soap opera Topíssima is that of Fernando (Guilherme Seta) and Andrea (Letícia Perone), who finish the story together. Yasmin (Juiana Didone) returns Lara’s fortune to the family, Paulo Roberto (Floriano Peixoto) is transferred to a maximum security prison and Angelica (Pérola Faria) ends the soap opera as a fugitive.

End of rerun will be unpublished

The last chapter of the soap opera Topíssima that airs today, Tuesday, will be completely new. R7, the station’s official website, published a note in which it informs that the original ending of the story will not be re-run.

Therefore, the audience will check out a completely new last chapter. It was not disclosed however what changed in the plot, if the murderer of Lara Alencar will be different or if Sophia and Antonio will still be together, all this you will discover tonight.

What time does the last chapter of Topíssima begin?

The serial is scheduled to start at 9:45 pm, after the soap opera Genesis, according to the official schedule of Edir Macedo’s broadcaster. You can watch it on television or follow it through Playplus’s “on air” tab for free, the only obligation of the platform is the creation of a login and password.

Those who miss today’s showing of the last chapter of the soap opera Topíssima, completely unpublished, will still be able to watch the final scenes of the attraction, however in this case it will be necessary to pay the R$ 12.90 package from Playplus to have the content released on the full.

Lima and Sophia had children in Topíssima, but they don’t end up together Photo: TV Record

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