Reporter fired from Globo for being overweight is hired by SBT

Three months after being fired from TV Vanguarda, a Globo affiliate in the interior of São Paulo, for being overweight, journalist Marcela Mesquita was hired by TV Thathi, which belongs to SBT and operates in the same region.

“Now we see each other on Thathi TV screen! I am very happy! Being part of this communication group is a privilege. Being able to talk to you every day on TV is an honor! I’m counting on the company of you who have always supported me so much!”, wrote the journalist on Instagram.


In May this year, Marcela revealed on social media that she was fired from José Bonifácio de Oliveira Sobrinho’s network, known as Boni, shortly after returning from maternity leave. In 2017, she had already been removed from video reporting for being overweight.

“End of a cycle! After five months of total dedication to motherhood, it’s time to get back to work! To my surprise, I was excused from TV as soon as I arrived for work. I thank the friends I made inside. I am grateful for the partnership and, mainly, for having given me a hand when they took my floor away. When I was removed from the report because I was overweight, it was my friends who didn’t let me fall”, she wrote at the time.

troubled exit

Marcela worked at TV Vanguarda for 12 years and played several roles. “I was removed from the video in 2017. The justification they gave me for this was that I was overweight, out of the box. I returned to reporting in early 2020, after they saw that I had lost weight. I was always told that this came from the direction, it was not a decision of my direct bosses”, said the journalist in a conversation with the column.

In addition to the weight issue, Marcela denies having suffered or witnessed bullying in the newsroom. “I was upset about my being fired, but I was also very happy there and made very dear friends,” she explained. The journalist, who has just become the mother of a girl, just five months old, has not yet decided on her next steps. “It’s all very recent and I’m in a flurry of feelings.”