‘Responsibility is the sole and exclusive responsibility of the federal government and Petrobrás’, says Camilo about the rise in fuel prices – Negócios

The governor of Ceará, Camilo Santana (PT), took advantage of his weekly live on social networks, this Tuesday (24), to deny the president Jair Bolsonaro (no party), which, last week, blamed the rise in fuel prices on governors. The PT member also stated that the “responsibility is the sole and exclusive responsibility of the Federal Government and Petrobrás”.

“I’ve been governor for seven years now, people know me, they know about my transparency. We have a president of the Republic that I respect, he is the authority of our country, and I’ve always tried to respect, but he’s not using is telling the truth to the Brazilian population, saying that the responsibility for the increase in the price of gasoline lies with the governors. this is a lie“, said Camilo.

The governor emphasizes that he has not made any increase, having even reduced the price of the state tax ICMS on diesel oil in the state.

“We didn’t make any increase, in fact we subsidize diesel oil for public transport. The ones who use public transport, being the majority of the population, are the workers. We reduced more than half the ICMS on diesel here in Ceará and we didn’t increase it by over the past few years, no ICMS percentage is the same,” argues the governor.

In event in Manaus last Wednesday (18th) and alongside the governor of Amazonas, Wilson Lima (PSC), the president blamed part of the governors for the rise in fuel prices. He acknowledged inflation and said the people are right to complain.

“We know that inflation is knocking on your door, but back there most of the governors and our media said that we should respect that maxim: ‘stay at home and we’ll see the economy later'”, he said.

By classifying the prices as absurd, Bolsonaro highlighted that the population needs to realize who is being the real villain. “Nowadays, a liter of gasoline is sold at refineries at R$1.95. If it’s R$6, R$7 a liter, which is absurd, the federal tax is around seventy cents, let’s go see who is the villain in this story,” he said.


During the live, Camilo highlighted that the Federal Government and Petrobrás were solely responsible for the high prices and stated that the mistake of the current management was to have surrendered to the international market, to the detriment of oil produced in the country.

“The government dollarized, this is absurd, it dollarized Petrobras. We have oil produced here, extracted from our country. Is our currency real, why do they dollarize?”, he asks.

The PT member also proposes to discuss the problem with the other governors and the federal government.

“It’s no use the president trying to put the blame on the governors’ laps, this is disrespectful to the federative pact. Just yesterday we held a meeting asking the president to convene the governors to discuss the problems of this country. Summon us to discuss the issue. problem with the price of gasoline, we are going to find a formula to reduce this price, but honestly and responsibly, not lying,” pointed out Camilo.

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