Result of Lotofácil 2316 today, Tuesday (24/08/21)

From 20:00 today, Tuesday, 24/08/21, Lottery players can check the result of Lotofácil Contest 2316. The prize is accumulated in R$ 3.5 million and to win it is necessary to match the 15 dozen .

Result of Lotofácil 2316

See then the numbers drawn in the Lotofácil contest 2316 were: 02-03-04-05-06-09-10-13-14-15-16-17-19-24-25.

Lotofácil winners today

Lotofácil winners today
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Players can win a prize by hitting all or part of the result of today’s Lotofácil contest 2316. For this, you have to guess from 11 dozen and the three smallest ranges pay fixed amounts of: R$25 for 13 hits, R$10 for 12 hits and R$5 for 11 hits.

In the other bands, Lotteries Caixa sends a percentage of the remainder destined for prizes. If you have more than one winner, the amount will be divided equally between the parties.

All players who fully or partially correct the result of Lotofácil Contest 2316 can receive the prize at Caixa branches. But winners of amounts up to R$1,903.98 can also redeem at lottery outlets.

Winners of online bets can also request the transfer of the amount to a Mercado Pago account. From the date of the draw, the lucky winners have up to 90 calendar days to receive the amounts.

The probability of hitting the result of Lotofácil contest 2316 with a single bet is one in more than 3.2 million. Already with a 20 tens game (maximum allowed), then this chance increases to one in 211.

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