Rodrigo Bocardi rebuts live viewer who said ‘Globo is a joke’

Presenter of ‘Bom Dia SP’ made a point of answering the comment about the CPTM strike during the morning paper

Reproduction / Globe / 24.08.2021Rodrigo Bocardi responded live to the comment made by a viewer on social networks

the journalist Rodrigo Bocardi, who spent a period in charge of “Jornal da Globo”, came back sharp to the “good morning SP”. In this Tuesday, 24th edition, the presenter rebutted a viewer who criticized Globo because of an interview shown in the morning newspaper. During the coverage of the CPTM strike in São Paulo, one of the people interviewed said that he was afraid of being late, as he was unemployed for more than a year and it was his first day in a new job. The story of the woman harmed by the strike reverberated among viewers, who commented on the matter on social networks. As usual, Bocardi read the public comments that appeared on the screen. Then he said he had set aside a post from a viewer to read live. “’Bom Dia SP’ thinks to interview exactly a lady who started her job today. This Globo is really a joke”, wrote a man identified as Wellington. After reading the review, the journalist immediately retorted: “The thing is, the joke is in your message, not in our behavior. We are listening to people randomly. Maybe that’s not your case, but how many people are on their first day in the middle of this pandemic?”.