Rolling Stone had cars he couldn’t drive

Rolling Stones drummer Charlie Watts died on Tuesday. At 80 years old, he leaves a great legacy in the music world, with numerous hits that will be remembered forever by future generations.

In private life, the musician curiously never learned to drive and was never licensed to drive a car on the street. However, throughout his journey he always made clear his taste for automobiles, although he never intended to guide them.

He once told GQ magazine that he was uncomfortable dressing for photo shoots with the rest of the Rolling Stones. So he inspired his attire for these occasions in classic vehicle interior colors. Many of these clothes were designed by the drummer himself.

According to several sources on the internet, he had a small collection of vintage cars, which he couldn’t drive because he didn’t have a license. So, you might ask yourself: what did he do with the models? It did nothing. He once said that he liked to sit on the models and listen to the sound of the engines.

car - Playback - Playback
Image: Reproduction

“I don’t want to drive,” Watts said, “but if I were a millionaire, I’d buy old cars just to look at them because they’re beautiful.”

And what are the drummer’s cars? Little information has been revealed about the models he accumulated during his lifetime. However, his greatest jewel was the Lagonda Rapide, from 1937. The British model had 25 units produced, has a V12 engine that generates 200 hp of power and makes the vehicle reach 169 km/h.

car2 - Playback - Playback
Image: Reproduction

Another classic that was in Watts’ garage was the first generation Citroën 2CV, made between 1949 and 1960. The model had around 13.5 hp, and was thought to be a city car, reaching a maximum of 65 km /H.

Charlie Watts had a fortune valued at $250 million – about R$1.3 billion at the current price.

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