Roni beats Maycon and looks for Corinthians idols among midfielders in a Brazilian

The three goals scored by defensive midfielder Roni in the current edition of the Brazilian Championship already put him in a prominent position in comparison with other names that exercised his role in the last decade. The number, for example, is already greater than the two goals scored by Maycon in the 2017 edition by Timão.

Roni, two years younger than he also raises in the youth categories, has the same number of goals scored by Júnior Urso at the 2019 Brazilian Nationals, this without having had any cost for the acquisition of its rights and in the process of evolution.

The reference now is for two recent idols of the club. Elias, in 2015, scored five goals in Timão’s winning campaign to win the six-time championship, taking advantage of that team’s great phase. In 2010, he made seven goals.

Paulinho, in turn, has in the Brazilians of 2011 and 2012 the respectable mark of eight and seven goals scored, respectively. He was the vice top scorer in the 2011 title campaign and the top scorer of Timão in the 2012 edition.

Rosinei, who scored 12 goals in the 2005 edition, played like a midfielder in that Brazilian Championship, usually with two defensive midfielders behind him, and that’s why he doesn’t enter the list.

The youngster from Corinthians scored his first goal in the 2-1 defeat to Red Bull Bragantino, at Neo Química Arena, taking advantage of Gustavo Mosquito’s pass and deceiving the defense with a mistake in the first shot.

Afterwards, he took advantage of Adson’s fix to drop a bomb from outside the area and kick low in the 2-1 victory over Cuiabá. Last Sunday, he headed well a cross from Fábio Santos to Santos, Athletico’s goalkeeper.

Top scorer steering wheels in the Brazilian since 2001:

  1. Paulinho (2011) – 8 goals
  2. Paulinho (2012) and Elias (2010) – 7 goals
  3. Fabinho (2004) – 6 goals
  4. Elias (2015) – 5 goals
  5. Marcelo Mattos (2006) and Fabinho (2003) – 4 goals
  6. Júnior Urso (2019), Elias (2009) and Roni (2021) – 3 goals

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