Santos and WTorre meet and advance through the Nova Vila Belmiro project

This Tuesday, representatives from WTorre and Santos met in Vila Belmiro to continue negotiations on the construction of the future Peixe arena.

The two parties moved forward and decided to renew the memorandum of understanding to continue the conversations regarding the architectural project and the financial premises of the partnership.

Among the issues discussed were the schedule of approvals within Peixe and the Santos City Hall, the readjustment of project costs due to the increase in raw materials and the relocation of the administrative part of the club.

“We understand the fan’s anxiety, but the new arena is a project that will impact the club’s reality for many decades to come, so we can’t be in a hurry. Since January, we have been able to advance in many important points and this gives me the certainty that Nova Vila Belmiro will come out of the paper. WTorre is the right company to be by our side in this endeavor”, said President Andres Rueda, who represented Santos alongside Vice President José Carlos Oliveira and three other members of the Management Committee.

“The renewal of the memorandum, made this Tuesday, reinforces our commitment to seeking the best business model for all parties involved in the project: the club, the WTorre and the Santos fan. Great strides have been made today and we are committed to delivering a project that matches the grandeur of Santos,” said Luis Davantel, CFO of WTorre.

The new arena in Santos will have a capacity for 30,000 people and will be located in Vila Belmiro.

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