São Carlos registers one death and 32 cases of covid this Tuesday

São Carlos registers one death and 32 cases of covid this Tuesday - Credit: Disclosure Credit: Disclosure

The Epidemiological Surveillance of São Carlos confirms this Tuesday (24/08) one more death by COVID-19 in the city, totaling 513 deaths.

This is a 77-year-old man from São Carlos, admitted to a hospital in Ribeirão Preto since 27/07.
São Carlos currently accounts for 27,027 positive cases for COVID-19 (32 positive results were released today), with 513 confirmed deaths and 132 discarded.

Of the 27,027 positive cases, 24,764 people had flu-like illness and were not hospitalized, 51 deaths without hospitalization, 2,212 people needed hospitalization due to COVID-19, 1,682 were discharged from hospital and 462 hospitalized positives died. 26,352 people have fully recovered from the disease. 46,651 suspected cases have already been ruled out for the new coronavirus (90 negative results were released today).

At the moment, 37 people are hospitalized, 1 adult in the ward. 4 patients are in Intermediate Care Units (ICU – Santa Casa), 1 patient is in the Ventilatory Support Unit (USV – HU/UFSCar). In total, 26 people are hospitalized in the adult ICU, 20 in ICU/SUS beds and 6 in private ICU beds. 5 children are in the SUS ward at the moment. No child occupies a place in the ICU/SUS. Three patients from other municipalities are hospitalized in São Carlos. The occupancy rate of special beds for COVID-19 in the adult ICU/SUS is 45.45% (20 adults are hospitalized).

The municipality provides 44 adult ICU/SUS beds for COVID-19, since Santa Casa has returned to operate with 30 adult beds for ICU/SUS, 20 beds for the ICU, 6 for the children’s ICU and 8 for the ward of the University Hospital (HU /UFSCar) operates with 14 beds in the adult ICU/SUS, 6 in the Ventilatory Support Unit (USV) and 15 in the ward.

SCREENING CENTER – No patient is currently being seen in a stabilization bed at the Milton Olaio Filho Gymnasium Triage Center.

NOTIFICATIONS – 84,623 people have gone through the Flus Syndrome notification system in the city since March 21, with 83,539 people having completed the isolation period and 1,084 are still in isolation.
The Municipality of São Carlos is carrying out PCR-type tests in people who undergo treatment in public health services with Flu Syndrome, and 58,137 people have already taken the exams, 40,665 had a negative result for COVID-19, 17,348 had a positive result ( these results are already accounted for in the total number of cases). 124 people are awaiting test results.

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