Scholarship holders: the more they are betrayed, the more passionate and submissive they become

Flavio Bolsonaro, the senator of the cracks and the 14 million reais mansion – bought for ‘only’ 6 million -, was the world record holder in the sale of chocolate Panettone, in cash, even in the months when the product was not available.

For those who don’t remember, in order to justify the countless fractional deposits of 2 thousand reais, always in cash, that the militia Queiroz did it in his account, pocketkid 01 claimed it was money received from his chocolate franchise.

In fact, it’s never too late to remember, Queiroz is the one who clogged the first lady’s bank account, Michelle Bolsonaro, with 90 thousand reais in checks, and also who paid the school fees of the children of the then deputy Flávio Bolsonaro.


The Senate Economic Affairs Committee approved this Tuesday (24) a bill that stipulates limits on transactions and possession of cash, which will make money laundering very difficult, a crime in which Flávio is being investigated.

Among other rules, the bill provides for the prohibition of cash transactions above 10 thousand reais; payment of bank slips, also in cash, above 5 thousand reais; possession of values, always in cash, above 300 thousand reais – with rare exceptions.

Flávio Bolsonaro, who had already managed to postpone the vote, tried again and asked for a view of the project, but the president of the Commission, senator Otto Alencar (PSD), denied the maneuver. Result: project approved! With pocketkid’s vote against 01.


Who does not remember the dramatic scene shown by Jornal Nacional in 2017, in which the Federal Police found no less than 51 million reais, in cash, in an apartment in Salvador, owned by the family of Geddel Scallop?

Well then. Geddel, former minister of squid, the miscreant of Saint Bernard, and of To fear, vice of Dilma, was preventively arrested and then sentenced, in 2019, to almost 15 years in prison, for crimes of money laundering and criminal association.

However, this week, the 2nd Panel of the STF (always her!), from the vote of Gilmar Mendes (Always him!), annulled the conviction for criminal association, maintaining only the crime of money laundering, reducing the vagrant’s penalty.


It is clear that the crazy murderers of the murderous coup-man dressed as the president of the Republic left, as usual, attacking the Supreme Court on social networks. But they forget – or don’t even know, as they are completely ignorant – that the 2nd Panel is not Gilmar Mendes.

The cattle do not know – or pretend not to know – that the vote that formed the majority for the annulment of the sentence of the criminal association was pronounced by the ’eminent minister’ Kassio Nunes Marques, named for the ‘myth’, in the vacancy opened by Celso de Mello.

It was not the first time, as it will certainly not be the last, that the Pocketnarista with K voted against the wishes of the population that calls for an end to impunity. But, as it was named by God’s successor, if not Himself, the ruminants give ‘of goodness’.


This is how the original pocketnarism operates: that of the clan of the crackpots and the phantom officials; of the cabinet funds used to ‘eat people’ and pay for honeymoons; of secret spending on corporate cards and 100-year secrecy.

It’s the pocketbook where the Car wash and the Anti-Corruption Law; Where Sergio Moro became a bandit and Ciro Walnut, Arthur Lira, Roberto Jefferson, Fernando Collor and cia became honest and valiant patriots in the fight for Brazil above all.

The same pocketbook of the center; 1,000% overinvoicing; motorcycle, jet ski and jet tours; of the 600,000 killed by Covid; the lack of vaccines; the dollar at 6 reais and gasoline at 7; from coup, finally, the illusion that so enchants the ‘good citizens’ of this paíff.

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