See how much the artist earns to participate in the Show of the Famous with Luciano Huck

The next season of the Show dos Famosos debuts on September 5th, inside Domingão with Huck. Due to this news, a curiosity hangs in the air: How much does an artist earn to participate in the project that was idealized by Fausto Silva?

To unlock this secret, the column went after this information and found that each participant earns something around ten thousand reais monthly for six months. In addition to the fee, the star or star who does not have a fixed contract with Globo enjoys all the benefits of the Marinho family company. Besides the exposure on national television that comes from bonuses.

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Artists this season of the talent show will be the same ones cast in 2020; as due to the worsening of the pandemic in the country, the project was stopped. The names confirmed so far are: Margareth Menezes, Thiago Arancam and Victor Kley. Alexandre Pires, Barbara Fialho, Cleo saucer, Diogo Vilela and Lexa left the program.

Silvero Pereira pays tribute to Édith Piaf in the final of ‘Show dos Famosos’ (Publishing/Rede Globo)

The official jury of the reality musical has cute, Michael Falabella and Claudia Raia. Remember that this trio must be changed. A novelty this season of Show of the Famous will be the addition of four more participants in the dispute. Instead of eight talents, there will be twelve in this special edition.