Serasa launches a fair that makes it possible to settle debts for up to R$ 100

Discounts can reach 99%, depending on the conditions of one of the 24 participating companies

Serasa is offering a campaign to settle debts for up to R$ 100.00 until August 31st. Discounts can reach 99%, depending on company conditions.

One of the facilities offered by Feirão Serasa Limpa Nome is the practical negotiation, which can last a few minutes.

Altogether, there are 24 Serasa partner companies that have negotiations with advantages of up to 99% discount. Serasa has an application for Android and iOS, through which it is possible to carry out trading and follow up.

The renegotiation of debts can also be done on the Feirão Serasa Limpa Nome page. Another two ways is through WhatsApp (11) 99575-2096 and toll-free calling 0800-591-1222.


The process is simple and fast. Just enter the platform through the app or website, as well as in other channels and choose the offers available for settlement in your CPF. Then do the following steps:

  1. Make a registration informing your data (CPF, RG, full name);
  2. After registration, log in to the platform;
  3. Identify the button ?Consult free debts? highlighted in pink;
  4. Click on it;
  5. Check out offers for discounts on your debts;
  6. Accept the agreement that is viable and print the payment slip. After payment, just wait for the negotiation to proceed.