Sérgio Reis cancels new musical album due to abandonment of partnerships

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posted on 8/25/2021 10:47 AM

  (Credit: Instagram/Reproduction)

(Credit: Instagram/Reproduction)

Musician Sérgio Reis gave up on recording his next album with partnerships, which was in his plans to be released later this year. The information was confirmed by the son of the famous, Marco Bavini, who was responsible for producing the album.

Marcos talked to the G1 and stated that “the disk no longer exists”. The project ended, as many artists who would participate in the project gave up, after the undemocratic speeches by Sérgio, who is being investigated by the Federal Police. “The production of the CD, the [escolha do] repertoire and recording were mine and, until then, made in my studio. But, because the subject of music was in the background, I interrupted everything,” said Bavini.

Among the six singers who would participate in the project, five chose to leave, namely:

Zé Ramalho, Maria Rita, Guilherme Arantes, Guarabyra and Anastácia. The partnerships were already recorded and the musicians started not to authorize the use of the content, barring the release. Paula Fernandes is the only artist who will continue on the album, according to information. “No one else regrets it. I had been recording and building this project for almost five years of recording. Unfortunately it was like that. The album no longer exists”, added Marcos.

remember the case

In an interview with Domingo Espetacular, singer Sérgio Reis commented on the controversy he was involved in over the past week. In a video that went viral last Saturday (08/14), the artist calls a strike by truck drivers to protest against the STF (Supreme Federal Court). “I was wrong. I want to apologize, even to the Supreme Court. I am a person who only thinks well of others. And now they want to finish me off as if I were a criminal. I’m not a criminal. I said nonsense. I thought I wouldn’t have that. repercussion,” he said.

“I messed up, man, who doesn’t, who doesn’t do something stupid one day? I don’t regret anything, just that unfortunate phrase I played with a friend and leaked, but it’s not reality. […] I want to redeem myself with these people, sorry. to the supreme [Tribunal Federal], if you have any request to arrest me, I accept it with respect. I didn’t leave here, I didn’t hide. If at 6 am the Federal Police comes here at home, I surrender. […] I’m democratic, I’m good, I’m love,” he pointed out.

Last Wednesday (18/08), he admitted that he was prepared for a response from the Supreme Court after the negative repercussions of the video.

Reis also commented on the reason for the leak of the audio that calls for the strike. “[O áudio vazou] because there is the friend of the jaguar, do you know him? These days, no one is secret anymore. You say anything, it’s on the internet, it’s out there and it leaks, it goes to groups and everything else,” he said.