Simaria shows what daughter did in the bathroom that belonged to her father after separation

Singer Simaria, from the duo with Simone, surprised her by showing what her daughter did with her father’s bathroom

The singer Simaria, from the duo with Simone, announced just eight days ago that their marriage ended. She was married for 14 years to the Spaniard Vicente Escrig. Together they have two children, girl Giovanna, age nine, and boy Pawel, age five.

Now, Simaria surprised by showing an unusual attitude that her daughter had in the face of her parents’ separation. With the separation, it was Vicente who left the singer’s mansion in Alphaville, São Paulo.

And Vicente and the singer had separate bathrooms in the mansion. Therefore, with his departure, one of the bathrooms became vacant. The friend then surprised her by showing what her eldest daughter Giovanna decided to do with the place.

She showed that Giovanna turned her father’s old bathroom into a club to store some of her toys. She called the place a “pandas club”. Seeing her daughter in the bathroom, her friend asked: “What have you done here, my love?”.

And cute Giovanna explained: “So, since my daddy doesn’t have this bathroom anymore, I said: ‘Mom isn’t going to use this bathroom, so I’m going to do something here.’ So I had the idea to make the panda club. Then I have our little dog, unicorn things, mini octopus, costume jewelry”.

Internet users were just praise for the daughter of Simaria. “I’m glad she seems to be handling her parents’ separation well! And what a cute little club you made, Giovanna!”, commented a netizen.

And another internet user also said: “I loved the clubinho idea! It did very well, Giovanna”. One Internet user also stated: “Your little corner to play was cute! I loved it!”. Simone had already said that her sister was coping well with the breakup and that she was a strong woman who deserved to be happy.

Simaria showing what the daughter did in the bathroom that belonged to her father

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