Singer Juliana Bonde has house robbed and reveals death threats: ‘Tired’

The Bahian singer Juliana Caetano, lead singer of Bonde do Forró, revealed on her Instagram profile that she and her family were victims of a robbery last Saturday (21), at her home, in the interior of São Paulo. The artist, who is better known as Juliana Bonde and has 5.8 million followers on the social network, said she had lost almost all her possessions and revealed that she was threatened.

“I was threatened with death. My family and I. And I think the only way I can solve something is to ask for help and talk. I’m tired, tired, tired of having to move house. Tired”, she blurted out. she, in tears, in a video. See below.

Juliana, who is from Barreiras, in the west of the state, said that she fulfilled a dream when she bought the house and managed to get her father, a bricklayer’s assistant, to stop working. The two and the singer’s mother live in the residence.

“To get to my house I had to walk about ten kilometers of unpaved road. I wanted to isolate myself because of the threats I receive,” he said.

In November 2019, she had already made another video in which she published an audio in which she and her family were suffering death threats. In addition to the audios, according to Juliana, the stranger sent photos of his brothers and other family members. The singer stated, at the time, that she had already been trying to solve the problem in court.

home burglary
At 2 am on Saturday, says the singer and digital influencer, the father came down screaming that the mother was feeling sick. Juliana went to see what was going on and heard kicks at the door. Scared, the artist went to see who it was.

“When I went downstairs and opened the door, a man already pulled my hair, put the gun on my back and told us to come in. They deposited a lot of money from my account. They also took all the money I had at home… no I know what bullshit in my head. I left most of my money at home, in a safe.”

Juliana’s work equipment and cameras were also taken, according to her, who stated that the material loss was “not enough”.

“What was worse is the trauma, seeing my father’s sadness. And now I don’t know if he’ll come back, if he’ll stay here. I really wanted to ask someone to do something. I did a police report, but we he knows that these things don’t seem to work, they don’t solve anything,” he reported.

In her outburst, the artist said she is sure that the robbery was planned by someone very close to her: “It was someone very close to home. Because he knew everything. He knew where the money was, he knew many things, he knew where he was sleeping my father and my mother”.

The singer also made a request for help and said that she is thinking about leaving the country. “I wanted to ask someone to help me. I’m very tired. Every time I have to move house, it threatens. I’m thinking a lot… I don’t know if I’m leaving Brazil, because it’s very sad. I love living here so much, but I don’t know if it’s worth risking my life, my family,” she reported, who then burst into tears: “I just want these people who are chasing me to be caught.”

Juliana also revealed that the bandits who robbed her house said they went there to kill her because they “asked to take” her life. “Thank God the worst didn’t happen,” concluded the singer. With information from the newspaper O Globo.