Stray Blade announced for PS5; trailer and details

Publisher 505 Games and Developer Point Blank Announce Action RPG Stray Blade for PS5, Xbox Series and PC. The launch will be in 2022.

Stray Blade is an action RPG that puts you in the role of an adventurer exploring the ancient Acrea Valley with his companion, the wolf Xhinnon named Boji. Unravel the history of the forgotten valley and harness the powers of the three Metals of Acrea to restore balance to this war-torn land.

Prove your skills in this action RPG and master intense combat as you explore the ancient ruins of a mysterious civilization. Legends say that Acrea, the Lost Valley, is a wild place, taken by nature, but very powerful. You found this forgotten land and died. Time passes and, miraculously, you come back to life. The price you pay is being stuck in that land.

Regain your freedom and embark on a quest to restore balance to this war-torn place with the help of your faithful companion, Boji. Explore towering throne rooms of giant god-kings and long-lost cities. Prepare to face even more lethal enemies as you discover their secrets. Face a world that is constantly being altered by your discoveries and forces at work! Set off on an unforgettable adventure.