Supermarkets still face shortages of eggs and milk – 08/24/2021 -Panel SA

A consumer who goes to the supermarket today to buy a hundred products must leave without finding 11 items, on average. The calculation illustrates the rupture indicator of Neogrid, a software company specializing in supply chains, which since last year has been pointing out the lack of products on the shelves.

The level has already surpassed the 20% mark after the arrival of the coronavirus, but the 11% line that has been maintained since April is still considered high, according to the company.

The problem can be attributed to factors ranging from the lack of raw materials aggravated by the pandemic to climate issues. Inflation is usually another aspect responsible for the disruption of products in supermarkets because it alters negotiations between industry and retail.

In July, the most lacking products were long-life milk, which reached a 20% breakage, soy drinks (19), soy protein (18%), eggs (17%), margarine (13%), sugar and pasta (12%), according to the Neogrid indicator.

with Mariana Grazini and Andressa Motter

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