Supposed case of “iPhones 13” reveals details of new design [atualizado] – MacMagazine

New images of supposed cases/films for the “iPhones 13”, published by — in partnership with the accessories manufacturer Innocent — reveal some already mentioned changes that could be implemented in the next generation, such as the front cutout (notch) reduced, the camera module and the buttons.

Let’s go through everything next.


According to the site, one of the biggest design changes for “iPhones 13” in general will be the redesign of the notch. In this sense, they measured that the cutout of future devices will have only 2.57cm — in current models, this notch is approximately 3.45cm.

As speculated, this reduction may be possible by relocating some components, such as the top speaker, which must have been moved to the device’s chassis. This would also have allowed the speaker to increase in size, going from 9.32mm on iPhones 12 to 11.3mm on future devices.

In addition to it, the front camera may also occupy a new position — probably to the lower left of the notch.


If the photos and measurements are legitimate, the camera modules of “iPhones 13” will be larger when compared to current models. More precisely, that of the “iPhone 13 mini” would have 4cm measured diagonally — this represents an increase of 8.1% over the 3.7cm module of the iPhone 12 mini.

Supposed design of the "iPhone 13"

An even greater increase (15.4%) can be seen in the “iPhone 13 Pro” and “iPhone 13 Pro Max” camera modules — 3.71cm (iPhone 12 Pro) and 4cm (iPhone 12 Pro Max) to 4.5cm on both upcoming models.

In addition, Apple will also change the size of the individual lenses — while the basic “iPhone 13 mini” and “iPhone 13” will be nearly the lens size of the iPhone 12 Pro Max, the “iPhone 13 Pro” and the “iPhone 13 Pro Max” will have literally huge lenses, as you can see in the images above.

Chassis and buttons

Initially, the pointed out that the chassis of upcoming iPhones could also be up to 0.2mm thicker — however, as seen in a supposed technical schematic released by leaker DuanRui (which also “confirms” the notch smaller and larger lenses), this magnification may be as little as 0.1mm.

Nevertheless, Apple would have moved the buttons (power, volume and to activate the silent mode) about 6.2mm towards the bottom of the “iPhones 13”. In practice, users will be able to reach it better if they have shorter fingers.