Sylvinho comments Corinthians’ evolution after the arrival of reinforcements and Luan’s moment

The Corinthians team is possibly experiencing its best moment on the field since the arrival of coach Sylvinho, in May this year. This Tuesday, the coach returned to comment on the evolution of the team after the victory over Athletico Paranaense, by 1-0, last Sunday.

“The construction period exists and continues. It is a difficult year because it is a construction year, and if it suffers, we would like to skip steps, we rush some of them and we believe that the better the work, we can shorten it a little, but skipping never. It is a construction team with athletes who have already had very important achievements with this club, with this shirt, perhaps the most important in the history of this club, some of them. And with a maturation of young athletes who are coming, now with the incorporation of Renato, Giuliano, she also gives a different technical face to the club,” said Sylvinho, in an interview with the channel ESPN.

We started there with this defensive part, through the organization, then goes through a midfield period, then some more coded offensive plays to facilitate the construction process, but it’s a very difficult championship. Our construction process is to continue earning our points, balancing the team and already shaping a situation for a quick future. Football is how it works, and we hope to continue to compete and compete strong, which is what we want. We are aware that the difficulty of the championship is great, we will have victories, we will have draws, defeats, it is part of it, but what we most want is a safe construction and a construction adding points and always being the highest on the table that we can,” added the technician.

The unprecedented sequence of two consecutive victories by Timão de Sylvinho coincides with the arrival of Renato Augusto and Giuliano to the team. In addition to the obvious technical improvement in midfield, the coach highlighted the positive impact of the two reinforcements on the squad’s daily life.

“It’s excellent what these two athletes can add to the group. The group’s acceptance of them is great, it’s excellent, and it couldn’t be different. First, our group is good, and it has its qualifications, but the more a group qualifies the better. It balances a lot the young people who see safety on the field in these athletes, so they were very well accepted. The locker room is happy, they are happy, both Renato and Giuliano, and we see a very strengthened process, very good with the arrival of these two athletes”, he commented.

Another name that has been much talked about in Corinthians’ recent games, for better or for worse, is Luan. Reserve little used, the shirt 7 is requested by the fans in the vacancy of forward Jô, a position in which he acted right on the arrival of Sylvinho and had good moments, before injuring the adductor muscle of his right thigh, in June.

“Luan is a great player, an athlete with a resume, an athlete who has achievements, who started playing with us here six, seven, eight games like this nine liar. He did give his result in his time. The team, we all know here is under construction, the arrival of Giuliano and Renato improves a technical quality. This enhances the other athletes as well,” stated Sylvinho, who substituted Jô for Luan in Sunday’s game, 32 minutes into the second half.

“He is an athlete who has helped us, has trained like everyone else, and is looking for his opportunity to return to the team. And I always say, great athletes can fill a lot of positions. It’s open, our construction process is here, and every three, four, five rounds has presented new situations. Roni started playing, he lost his space to Vitinho in this construction, then he came back again a little stronger, has been an important piece like some others. Everyone is part of the process, it is a process that accelerates and everyone is available to win their space on the field,” concluded the coach.

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